124 is a good IQ score

IQ distribution

The basis of the calculation of the IQ distribution goes back over 100 years. Since then it has become commonplace that the average IQ value at 100 the majority of the population is within the standard deviation. The informative value of the IQ value is still limited. Nevertheless, such tests are valuable for research and practice.
When the researcher Alfred Binet was commissioned around 1900 to develop a test that shows which School children need special care, he developed a test that has become the model for today's IQ tests. These tests indicate a typical IQ distribution on, which means that the distribution of the values ​​has a certain structure. To this day, nothing has fundamentally changed.

Comparison group decisive

When interpreting an IQ value, it must always be taken into account with which group a value is being compared. For example, in a Application situationan applicant achieve a value that is above average compared to the IQ distribution of the age group. Compared to the distribution of all applicants, however, the value can be below average and the applicant misses out. Hence the question of the comparison group is of paramount importance. In general, the IQ distribution is as follows:

  • The Standard deviation is 15 and the Average 100.
  • The Normal range is between 85 and 115. This means that the majority of people have a value that is in this range.
  • Values ​​over 115 are above average, Values ​​below 85 below average, up to 130 normally above average and above that highly intelligent. A value up to 70 is below average, and below that it is significantly below average.

IQ tests

The first people to talk about measuring intelligence in the form of an IQ test (intelligence test) have thought were Paul Broca and Sir Francis Galton. But contrary to today's knowledge, they assumed that a larger skull represented a higher intelligence. In year 1904 invented the researchers Binet and Simon the first modern IQ test. This IQ test included tasks related to inference, rhyming, or naming objects. It provided information about the intellectual development of children, taking into account their respective ages. This process still exists today.

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Over 100 different IQ tests in Germany

In order to be able to present the result of the IQ test more clearly, Wilhelm Stern introduced the term in 1912 Intelligence quotient a. This quotient is subject to the following formula: Determined Intelligence age by actual age times 100. Furthermore, he introduced tasks according to age group in order to get a result that was as comparable as possible depending on the age of the person tested. The formula has been modified and revised several times. Diverse versions of standard tests emerged. In Germany alone there are over 100 different procedures, some of which are also used in assessment centers to predict professional success. In addition, there is still no uniform definition of intelligence, let alone of the source of intelligence.

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But this also means that the IQ test not infrequently as subjective applies. Due to the different procedures, there are also different ranges and maximum values ​​that can be achieved. Comparability is therefore not always guaranteed. Furthermore, other factors, such as the ability to interact socially, are seldom paid attention to. For this purpose, separate tests were developed that measure the emotional intelligence (EQ).

Intelligence games make you fitter

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Intelligence can be trained

Contrary to previous assumptions, intelligence can be trained. For a long time it was assumed that intelligence remains constant throughout life and decreases with age. Since the studies by the researcher Dr. However, Susanne Jaeggi knows that intelligence can be trained. But what is decisive for this is a scientific brain jogging session Sustainable and personalized brain promotes. NeuroNation training is a unique training program that adapts to individual wishes and performance. Thus the possibility of a training success is given.