Why do Koreans have fair skin

K-Beauty: What is the hype about Korean cosmetics?

What came from Korea like a wave is called Hallyu and triggered real storms of enthusiasm. South Korean fashion, music and beauty trends were suddenly hip. South Korea had long been known as an innovative high-tech country. But the megacity of Seoul was now also setting lifestyle trends and carrying them out into the world. K-Beauty took western hearts by storm. But what exactly is the hype surrounding Korean cosmetics?

What is K-Beauty?

K-Beauty (Korean Beauty) supports the Korean look. K-Beauty had its origins in the South Korean capital Seoul. The South Korean beauty industry invented a mix of moisturizer and foundation: the BB cream. She also brought cushion make-up to the market. Products that promised perfect skin and thus took the world by storm. It wasn't long before L’Oréal copied the product developed by Amorepacific and launched a Miracle Cushion Foundation. K-Beauty includes numerous cosmetic and care products for the daily beauty routine. Cleansing oils, peelings, sheet masks and moisturizers play an essential role. Woman achieves a flawless, smooth complexion with creams and masks with snail slime. They stimulate cell renewal. There is also wrinkle-reducing bee venom and skin-tightening pig collagen. Cosmetic skin care from Korea has meanwhile started a worldwide triumph. Today women don't have to fly to Seoul to shop in the local beauty temples. The Yesstyle online shop carries many Korean bestsellers in cosmetics.

What are K cosmetics?

Anyone who uses Korean cosmetics and care products is enthusiastic about the quality and the price-performance ratio. K-Beauty enjoys a high priority in Korea, which is why the range is very large. There are suitable products for every skin type. Koreans have high demands on the effect. Therefore, in no country on earth is more spent on product research in cosmetics than in South Korea. There are hardly any chemical ingredients. The Korean manufacturers use classic ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen. Many care products contain medicinal plants such as lotus, agave and green tea. The animal ingredients such as bee venom, donkey milk and snail slime are more exotic for westerners. What enriches K cosmetics is their packaging. Creative designers have designed unusual and colorful packaging. These include the Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar or Panda's Dream White Sleeping Pack (night cream), Missha Magic Cushion Foundation in a bear look.

K-Beauty: important rules

What is the secret of Korean personal care and cosmetic products that they have taken the world by storm? They help users to treat their skin well. Koreans attach great importance to their appearance. In doing so, they spare no effort or expense. So the success in the application of Korean cosmetics also lies in time. If you want flawless, smooth, youthful-looking skin, you have to do a lot for it. The cleansing ritual is the be-all and end-all. It can easily take up to ten steps. For this, women and men use cleanser, peeling, serums and sheet masks. After thorough cleansing, the skin needs to be moisturized. Only with moisturizers and of course the BB cream will the complexion become dewy and radiant. In contrast to western countries, Koreans place great value on care products with a sun protection factor. After all, only fair skin is considered an ideal of beauty, which must be preserved under all circumstances. If you follow all the rules of K-Beauty, the result will be a flawless, radiant complexion.