Can I eat grapes while pregnant?

Eat for two?

Is coffee or sugar allowed during pregnancy? Should I eat meat or should I avoid it? Legitimate questions that we will answer for you here.

In principle, the energy requirement of a pregnant woman does not increase very much. The old rule "Now you have to eat for two" is therefore long out of date. However, the need for vitamins and especially minerals is increased. Both are naturally present in high amounts in fruits and vegetables, legumes and dairy products. First and foremost, the monthly examination by the gynecologist brings important results. This shows whether there are any deficiency symptoms. Pregnant women often lack iron or magnesium, and the connection to folic acid is also noticeable.

Coffee and sweets

Basically nothing speaks against a morning coffee. After all, you are pregnant and not have a heart condition. Another cup in the afternoon is also perfectly fine. However, you should avoid sugar or sweeteners. The cravings for sweets are well known. Make up for it with fresh fruit instead of eating cake or chocolate every day. Of course, you can treat yourself to something every now and then. But remember that the treats quickly settle on your hips. It's important to find a healthy mix here so that you can feast every now and then without regrets.

Tip: If you don't have enough energy in between, then eat a few nuts and dried fruits. The energy-rich fruits quickly get you going again, the nuts also provide you with important vital substances.

Attention fruit! The sugar trap

Too much fruit can mess up your body. This applies to certain types of fruit that contain a high amount of fructose. These include grapes or khaki. Make sure that you only eat one bowl, for example, instead of putting the whole kilo on the plate and devouring it while watching TV.

What about fish, meat or sausage?

Pregnancy is the ideal time to switch from “eating” to “eating consciously”. Because now you should do without finished products at the latest. This applies not only to meat products, but also in particular to packaged and industrially processed foods. Better to eat high quality and less than cheap and a lot. You can eat meat one to three times a week. Once a week, fish brings variety to the table and provides you with other vital substances. On the other hand, raw meat or fish such as sushi or tartare are not allowed. The risk of various bacteria is just too high.

Pasta, rice and potatoes complete the menu. If the breakfast bread consists of good wholemeal bread, so much the better! Fresh bread with herbs, quark or low-sugar jam gives you strength and energy for the day.

You should avoid this during pregnancy!

You should avoid some foods during pregnancy due to possible germs and bacteria. This includes the otherwise delicious raw milk cheese in which Listeria can be found. These rod-shaped bacteria are normally harmless, but the immune system is weakened during pregnancy, which increases the risk of getting sick. Much more worrying, however, is that the unborn fetus can become infected with the bacteria. As a result, Listeria can cause miscarriages or premature births. For the same reason, you may want to avoid raw milk and use pasteurized milk. Hard cheese, on the other hand, is largely harmless. Bacteria are killed during the long ripening processes. Cheese in one piece is generally more hygienic than cheese that has already been grated. Here, too, there is a certain risk of contamination that can result from a lack of hygiene during processing.

Drink enough!

Finding the right level of fluid is not always easy. Because if too much liquid is consumed, it is quickly deposited in the tissue. The need for water, tea or juices varies from person to person. Those who do a lot of sport during pregnancy will have to drink more than other women. Still, water and fruit teas are ideal. Fruit juices are not as good as they contain too much sugar.

Last but not least …

... you should be fine during pregnancy. Eat well and consciously when you are hungry. Choose high-quality food carefully and deliberately treat yourself to something in between! For example, enjoy an ice cream on a sunny day and combine it with a walk. In any case, you are doing something good for yourself.