Fast food should have nutritional tables

Fast food calorie table

Lots of fat and carbohydrates

As can be seen from the fast food nutritional table, fast food is rich in fat and carbohydrates. In addition to the composition of the products, this is also due to the type of preparation. Since these foods are often fried to warm up and not fried or boiled, fast food is particularly high in calories.

From a nutritional psychological point of view, the act of eating even with hamburgers, doner kebabs or hot dogs is a cause for concern. It is fundamentally important that food is fed to the body slowly and at rest. For an optimal digestive process, the food should be chewed enough to enrich it with enough saliva. The dishes in the fast food calorie table, on the other hand, live up to their name and are usually swallowed quickly and hastily. It is easy to eat too much because there is not enough fiber, which normally makes you feel full. Since fast food cannot provide sufficient protein and other important nutrients, the body as a whole is usually not supplied with enough energy.

Calorie traps with health consequences

It cannot be dismissed out of hand that the high proportion of calories makes fast food a burden on the organism. Particularly in combination with too hasty ingestion of food, too frequent consumption can cause health problems. In addition to obesity, metabolic problems and type 2 diabetes, increased stress on the liver and kidneys or allergies can also occur.
However, “quick eating” does not have to be fundamentally unhealthy, nor does it have to lead to overweight and malnutrition or malnutrition. In many cases, these dishes are less balanced than, for example, dishes with vegetable side dishes with higher nutritional values. Fast food, when consumed in moderation, is still not particularly valuable from a nutritional point of view, but it is also not harmful. Rather, nutritional problems usually arise with a one-sided and unbalanced diet. So you can safely eat a product from the listed fast food nutritional table, but we strongly advise against an exclusive diet, as the fast food carbohydrate and fat content is relatively high.