What are the most effective promotional items

5 tips for suitable promotional items

An optimal promotional item fulfills several functions at the same time: It has a high utility value, so that the recipient likes to use it repeatedly. The better it is Integrate advertising material into everyday life the more often the (potential) customer uses it and the more often he comes into contact with your advertising message.

In this context, the advertising material therefore needs sufficient space for individual design. The Company logo should in any case be applied to it in a clearly visible manner, for example by printing or engraving. If possible, the promotional item can have a slogan, a campaign slogan or another motif. This creates an individual giveaway that the recipient is happy about and that also has a good advertising effect for the sender.

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Target group, industry & occasion

There is a huge selection of products on the Internet that you can personalize with your logo and then give away. First of all, it is relevant here, for whom the products are intended. If you want to give presents to as many prospective customers as possible, then small, inexpensive articles are suitable, such asPromotional pens preferably. Everyone should always have a ballpoint pen close at hand so that they can take spontaneous notes. This is precisely why they are so popular and are gladly taken along: They have a specific use and there are a wide variety of models. Environmentally conscious companies choose pens made of wood or bamboo. Also USB sticks, lanyards and confectionery enjoy great popularity.

On the other hand, do you want a small group of selected people like Long-term customers or business partners make a pleasure, higher-quality products such as a bottle of wine or a set of glasses with a personal engraving are suitable.

In addition, there are always articles that specifically fit a certain industry. As a craft business, you can surprise interested parties with a screwdriver or other tool, for example, while small plaster boxes are available as giveaways for hospital operators and doctors. In addition to these timeless advertising materials, there is also Products for specific occasions, for example Advent calendars for Christmas or chocolate bunnies for Easter.

5 questions to ask yourself

1. Does the recipient find a use for the giveaway?

Or would he put it in the corner unused or throw it away? The more special a giveaway, the smaller it is target groupwho is interested in it. If you want to reach as many people as possible, you should therefore choose a classic.

For example, a pen can be given as a small gift during initial discussions with interested parties, customer appointments or the like. Somebody fill out a form? Just give them a promotional pen to fill out and then leave them keep as a thank you.

2. Is the advertising material suitable for the company?

Giveaways should suit you. For example, it makes little sense if a dentist advertises his practice with sweets that contain sugar. Therefore also achieve here neutral and versatile articles the best advertising impact.

3. Is the selected promotional item of good quality?

Cheap products that break very quickly put your business in a bad light. Of course, you don't need premium goods for promotional items that you give away in large quantities. Still should the quality is rightso that the recipient can use the product normally in everyday life. With ballpoint pens, for example, the refill shouldn't dry out too quickly.

4. Is the promotional gift intended for a specific occasion or should it be timeless?

Plan exactly when you want to distribute the promotional items in order to achieve the greatest possible effect. Keep in mind that many companies want to draw attention to themselves, especially on public holidays. If you Stand out from the competition therefore it is best to choose timeless promotional items or choose a special occasion. You should always have your freebies at hand at trade fairs or events such as the open house.

5. Do your logo and your advertising message match the article?

Before ordering, note the size restrictions. Your motif should be easy to recognize and the text should be easy to read. In addition, the logo colors should harmonize with the product colors so that a coherent promotional gift is created. If necessary, pay attention to the prices for special colors and check that they actually all desired colors printed unadulterated can be.

Based on the knowledge he has built up through years of experience, Andreas Müller tries to support companies in developing effective marketing strategies.