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Walkthrough - Forgotten Plateau and Parasail - Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The distant voice

After Link has woken up from his sleep, you steer towards the blue glowing column and take the Sheekah stone to you. In the next room you open the two chests to get one old shirt and one old pants to be able to dress. Open the big gate at the next shekah column and run outside. Once you've had enough of the view, go down the path to that old man and talk to him. After the conversation you collect the ax and explore the area a bit until a voice speaks to you that gives you your first mission - "The distant voice".

The destination is marked on your map and is easy to find. You can search the area for better weapons beforehand. For example, on the roof of the Citadel of Time there is a very good arch that can be useful to you. Otherwise you will activate the sheikah column at the target to get the Tower of the plateau to reactivate. Such towers are used to reveal the map sections of the world - you also have a good view and can discover many shrines. Your first task is completed after the cutscene.

A forgotten world

Carefully climb back down the tower. Once at the bottom, the old man sails towards you - his Parasail you really want to have it! You get it when you get treasure from a shrine for him. The mission "A forgotten world" starts.

The parasail is one of the most important items in Zelda - Breath of the Wild.

The shrine is right in front of you and easy to get to. All you have to do is walk around the brook left or right. in the Mah Ounu Shrine you get that Magnet module, with which you can lift and move metallic objects. Activate it immediately and pick up the metal plates on the floor to reveal a passage.

Then run straight ahead and then up the stairs. In the stone wall you will see a block of metal that you can pull out. Behind you is a second metal block that you should take with you. With this you can defeat the opponent on the other side by attacking him with the block. Then pass the metal plate and take it with you to use it as a bridge on the abyss.

In front of the big gate you look to the left to get one chest to catch - you can reach them with the magnetic module. Then pull the gate with the magnetic module towards you and get your first one Sign of probation from. You will need these symbols to exchange them for heart or stamina containers later.

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The parasail

The old man has unfortunately not spoken the truth and will only give you the sail when you three more shrines have completed. Teleport you back to the tower of the plateau, from where you can mark the shrines with the telescope. There is a shrine to the east, west, and south of the area. First you should go to the eastern temple ruins walk. The ruins are guarded by guards who will shoot you down on sight. But you don't even have to walk through the ruins. Just climb over the wall and you are right at the shrine.

In the shrine you will get that first Bomb module, with which you can throw square and round bombs. Do that at once and blow up the cracked wall. Then there are more blocks left and right that you can blow up. First get the one on the right box and then go left. Your next task is to drop a bomb on the floating platform to blow up the wall on the other side - angular bombs are best for this. In the next room you have to put a bomb on the catapult to solve the puzzle. After that, the shrine is successfully completed.

Then run to the shrine in the southwest. You achieve the hut the old man, where you can read his diary. He is looking for the last ingredient in his dish. Chili and meat are mentioned in the diary - the third ingredient is a fish. So you can from the old man Winter doublet that protects you from the cold. To get to the shrine, you have to cut a tree further southwest and use it as a bridge. Then climb up the rock face and go into the shrine.

The old man will teach you the basics of cooking and hunting.

You can get it there Stasis module, with which you can freeze certain objects in time. Try this out on the platform in front of you as soon as it forms a bridge. Then you will see large stone balls on the right that roll down. Freezes the stone ball and run upstairs. Wait for the ball to roll past and keep running up to find one chest to find. Then run down again and keep to the right. Collect the hammer and freezes the next stone ball. Then hammer on it with the gun to move the stone out of the way - you've now mastered this shrine too.

Finally you have to go to the shrine behind the Citadel of Time. However, it is very cold there, which is why you need the old man's winter doublet. Alternatively, you can cook chilli and game to make a dish that suits you 3:30 minutes protects against the cold - that should be enough. Walk the path along the icy river until you come to the broken bridge. The Metal plate next to it you have to use to be able to pass the bridge.

Don't try swimming the river - it won't work.

At the top of the mountain you will get to the shrine, where you will find the Cryomodule received - with this you can make ice pillars out of water. Use the cryomodule by the water to reach the higher level. Then you have to place an ice pillar under the gate so that the passage is opened. Defeat the enemy and go to the end of the corridor (there is a chest at the top left). You see a long platform that you can convert into a scale. Stand on one side and place an ice pillar under the other side - puzzle and shrine solved.

The old man is impressed and tells you to meet him where the air lines of the shrines meet - the place is that Citadel of Time. There you have to go to the first statue pray and you one Heart or stamina container to wish. Then you climb onto the roof, where the old man reveals his real face. It gives you the paraglider and sends you on your adventurous journey!

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