How can I create a blog

How to create a blog (even if you have no idea about technology and copywriting)

You want to start a blog but don't know where to start. Are you so overwhelmed that excuses creep in and you prefer to postpone the blog topic to another day?

Enough with that. Here are the first steps you need to take in creating a blog. Follow them and you will be much closer to your own blog.

Create a blog for what?

When you hit the first hurdle on the way to your own blog, keep in mind what you want to blog for.

  • A successful social media strategy starts with a blog. Because without a blog, you have no content to share. Nobody shares your boring static homepage.
  • Blog content brings people back to your website from social networks. If you only share links to other blogs or YouTube all the time, you will not gain any traffic. And no new customers without traffic.
  • A blog shows the personality, values, viewpoints and philosophy of your company. Your customers get to know and love you through your blog.

Create a blog in 10 steps

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You can now see that you can create a blog in small, manageable steps. When you take one step at a time, the overwhelming task becomes feasible.

1. Goals

Why do you want to blog? What do you want to achieve after 6 months? Before you get started, write down your goals so that you can evaluate later whether your blog is getting you there.

  • Set realistic and concrete goals that are clearly measurable. "Generating 6 customers in 3 months for my advice via the blog" - would be such a specific goal.

2. Setup

Ah, dear technology. The stumbling block for many. That's how it's done:

  • Decide on a domain name, whether with a keyword or your brand name does not matter.
  • Think about the structure of your blog or your website if you want to do everything from a single source (which I recommend).
  • Go to a good hoster like and sign up for the smallest package.
  • Find a WordPress professional and have your WordPress blog installed and set up. You can find beautiful themes (designs) at or

3. Positioning

If you want your business to be remembered, you need to set yourself apart from the competition with your blog.

  • Take a look at what you can do differently or better than the others in your industry. This includes design and structure, but also topic gaps that you can fill.
  • Add a big dash of personality because that's your copy protection. These are photos of you and your very own style in speech and video. Dare to be you!

4. Reader profile

Logically, if you want to create a blog to attract new customers, your readers should be your dream customers. So never assume what you like to read or try to look good in front of colleagues.

  • Instead, think about what your customer needs and wants to read. Here is an exercise for the desired customer profile.

5. Topic research

I recommend that you publish one really good blog article per week rather than 3 medium good articles that you wrote down quickly. Nobody likes to share moderately good content. Always remember: your readers want to look good when they share content.

  • Start with 20 good topics that you put in an editorial calendar. Then you have food for 20 weeks.
  • Where do you find topics? Start with your customers' biggest hurdles and how they can overcome them.

6. Writing

  • If you have problems writing, use a writing technique such as the 3-day technique to create texts quickly and fluently.
  • Put the most effort into writing your headlines because that will determine whether or not your article will be read at all.
  • Quality check: If you are proud of your article and want to share it with pleasure over and over again, it is good enough for your audience. If you can't picture it on the German Huffington Post, write it again.

7. Marketing

Marketing your blog articles is just as important as creating your content. Because the most beautiful content is useless if nobody sees it.

  • Write once - promote several times. Make sure to share your blog articles multiple times. Every few weeks on Facebook and even more frequently on Twitter. This is how people see your articles that you missed the first time.
  • If you mentioned other bloggers or people in the article, send them a message with a link to the article.
  • If you've written a great article, don't hesitate to run a Facebook ad. That will bring you a lot more readers.

8. Plan

Planning is half a blogger's life.

  • Collect all of your blog ideas e.g. B. Evernote whenever you think of them. Create a few bullet points right away, then it will be easier for you to write later.
  • Be sure to work with an editorial plan that you fill out weeks in advance. Enter your planned seminars, products and dates that are relevant for customers here. So you never get in the position of not knowing what to write about on blog day. Of course, planning also includes a fixed publication day for your articles.

Your blog guide

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9. Sell

How do you turn blog readers into buyers? With email marketing. The sale doesn't happen on the blog. With your blog content you build awareness, sympathy and trust. Provided, of course, that they address the needs of your desired customers and are of immaculate quality. This will keep your readers coming back to you and causing them to sign up for your email newsletter. Email marketing brings you the paying customers.

10. Measure

You want to regularly evaluate your Google Analytics data to see whether your blog efforts are paying off. Where do your visitors come from and will they increase over time? Does Facebook bring you a lot of traffic and should you be even more active there? Which guest articles do visitors send you and how long do they stay?

  • You can use the answers to these and other questions to derive your next steps and go back to step 5.

What's next?

You see, creating a blog is not the work of the devil. Register now for the webinar and expand your knowledge of blogging!

What is the biggest hurdle for you before starting a blog? Write me a comment!