What are the best monthly subscription boxes

Beauty boxes are the latest trend and in these times real pamperers, because they come to you every month with the best innovations in the beauty world. And because there are already a lot of providers, we have pre-sorted the most worthwhile beauty boxes for you by subscription.

The most beautiful beauty boxes by subscription

Each beauty box has a different focus and very different partners with whom you fill the great surprise boxes. But they all have one thing in common: you save quite a lot of money with them. On average, easily half and you also get your hands on products that are sometimes not even on the market.

1. Birchbox aka Blissim

The Birchbox is the darling of all beauty bloggers: inside, however, it is not that easy to get in Germany. Under the new name Blissim comes you can finally get the beauty box at a small extra charge for the shipping costs.

Above all, it impresses with its great design and the international products that you come from the German You may not even know the beauty market. In particular, many beauty brands from France are there,

  • Content: 7+ products
  • Price: approx. € 16.90 per box
  • Rhythm: per month

2. Pink Box

The Pink box is one of the first beauty boxes to become known in Germany. She doesn't just deliver to you monthly with beauty news, but also with the issue of a graph. The products can include perfume, haircare or skincare products.

You can then rate the products in your customer account and collect points for each assessment. Have you collected 100 points, then you get a pink box for free. Typical brands of the last boxes are for example Gokos, ebelin, Youthflift, By Wishtrend.

  • Content: 5 products, 1 magazine worth 40 €
  • Price: € 13.45 to € 15.95 per box depending on the subscription model
  • Rhythm: per month
  • To buy: to the shop 🛒

3. Goodiebox

The goodiebox has a Aim to pamper yourself to the core and give you more me-time. That is why there are beauty products and tools from face creams to bath foam or a face sponge.

The brands are something higher quality, but sometimes also less well known than in the pink box, but it also costs more per month. Are there too Vichy, rituals, origins or Zarkoperfum.

  • Content: Wellness products worth € 70
  • Price: € 19,955 per month
  • Rhythm: per month

4. Vegan Beauty Basket

The Vegan Beauty Basket has specializes in animal-free and vegan cosmetics and also has a high proportion of clean beauty products and even certified natural cosmetics. Brands are there too PuroBio, Studio Botanic (which we have already tested), We Luv or Flawless Beauty. So here, too, brands of higher quality than the Pink Box, but the price is a tick higher here too.

In addition, in every beauty box a personalized product, what goes into your skin or color type. There is a newsletter in front of each box that asks you about your preferences.

  • Content: vegan & cruelty-free beauty products of up to € 100
  • Price: € 23.30 to € 27.90 per box, depending on the subscription model
  • Rhythm: every 2 months

Psst: Would you prefer to have only green products in your beauty subscription box? Then we have the best sustainable and clean beauty boxes for you here.

5. Curl box

The Lockenbox has also specializes in curly hair just as the name suggests. Because not only since the Curly Girl Method did we know that curls need a lot of care and coordinated products so that they fall over the shoulders in wonderful, shiny corkscrews.

This is also the case with this beauty box Products selected that are clean & cruelty free are free from parabans, sulfates, silicones and mineral oil. You can also test products here before they launch.

  • Content: 4 to 5 clean & cruelty-free beauty products of up to € 100
  • Price: € 31.95 per Boxdell
  • Rhythm: per month

6. Lookfantastic Beauty Box

Lookfantastic took the chance and jumped on the beauty boxing bandwagon with a great offer, because in their boxes Introduce brands that you are guaranteed not to know from the drugstores.

Are there too Care and make-up products from brands like Mádara, Balance Me, Eyeko or Bubble T. Sometimes there are even great student discounts at Lookfantastic through Unidays, so check them out before you order them.

  • Content: 6 beauty products of up to € 55
  • Price: € 15.50 to € 20.00, depending on the subscription model
  • Rhythm: per month
  • To buy: Go to the shop here 🛒

Conclusion: Beauty boxing is window shopping for the lazy

With these beauty boxes you are always supplied with the latest products and can test yourself with various wellness goodies. This is ideal, especially in Corona times, because it saves those who go to dm or Douglas who can no longer save themselves from visitors anyway.

Do you want to know how to best incorporate these products into your beauty routine? The story tells you!