How can I win at blackjack

How can you make money with blackjack?

Our 5 professional tips will help you secure bigger profits

Most of the adventurers who cavort in the online casinos on the Internet or in the stationary gambling establishments of this world want to be entertained while gambling on the one hand, but also want to cash in on winnings on the other. With online casino blackjack the chances of this seem to be particularly good. Because unlike other games of chance such as roulette, the player in blackjack seems to hold much more strings in his own hand. There is a blackjack strategy for beginners and numerous blackjack systems, the latter only supposedly helping to win big money with the popular card game.

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Most of these systems can be traced back to more or less creative fraud systems. Anyone who knows a supposedly surefire scam as a player would not pass it on to other players for money. And if casinos were to find out about a strategy that always worked, players could assume a corresponding rule change almost immediately. This guide therefore presents five classic tips that players should consider if they intend to make money with blackjack. These 5 tips are to be understood as important input for a clean and serious game, which can lead to higher winnings under certain circumstances. It also introduces the best casinos and bonus promotions that can help you make money with blackjack. Of course, there is no guarantee of profit.

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This guide introduces four classic tips that players should consider when planning to make money from blackjack.

Win money at online casino blackjack: the facts

  • Blackjack can promise huge sums of money
  • brings more decision-making power for the player
  • the preparations are crucial
  • Bonus promotions should be used
  • Players should have basic knowledge

Earn long-term money with online casino blackjack

Blackjack is a card game and many in Germany certainly also use the same name 17 and 4 known. Not only is it offered in local casinos, but blackjack is also available in an online casino. The card game is one of the games of chance, but there is a very special feature: after each round the cards are not shuffled again, which is why the outcome depends heavily on how the previous round went. There is a game system for this reason that increases the chance of winning. This was developed by a scientist and according to experienced gamblers who make money from online casino blackjack, this system actually works. However, card counting is also not welcomed at a local casino. Often a house ban is even issued if a player earns large winnings using this method.

The situation is different with online casino blackjack, because here it is possible to count and to pursue this strategy without any problems. In general, it is therefore possible to make money with online casino blackjack. However, there are some online casinos that try to prevent card counting. Of course, there is not only this strategy, but also many other tips that we will go into in more detail later.

Online casino blackjack or poker - which is more worthwhile?

Every player who would like to make a living by gambling naturally asks himself which is more worthwhile: online casino blackjack or poker? Both are very popular casino games and anyone who has ever visited a casino knows that these tables are always well attended. The advantage of both card games is that it almost always does Tables with different requirements there is: there is online casino blackjack for beginners and advanced players, the latter of course want to earn a little more money than a beginner.

In order to find out whether blackjack or poker is more worthwhile, there are three things to consider. For one thing, this is the House edge, although there is not such a big house edge in poker because you always play against several other players in poker. The term house edge is used to describe a percentage that the casino keeps to pay for its own expense - the profit margin. This means that a professional poker player must also have a lot of experience as he or she has to recapture the profit margin. This looks a little different with blackjack, since blackjack is played against the casino itself or against the dealer. Therefore, the house advantage is also greater here.

Another point concerns that professional games. In contrast to poker, it is a little more difficult to earn money professionally with online casino blackjack, since many years of experience are not important here. Other than card counting, there is virtually no other way of influencing the outcome. In poker, it is possible that an experienced player who has had many hours of play under his belt can generate a good profit by using special strategies. Another point is that anonymitybecause even a professional gamer will try to remain anonymous. After all, casinos strive to keep a professional gambler out as they are afraid that they will win too much money. Overall, it is possible to make money with both games. However, the basis is always a strategy that the player has mastered and the ability to adapt to the constantly changing circumstances - a characteristic that not everyone has.

Basic strategy for online casino blackjack

Blackjack is one of the casino games in which it is possible to make good money - but only if the player adheres to certain rules. This also includes first of all knowing which ones Basic rules there is at all. It is very interesting, for example, that cards with a value of 10 appear around four times more often in the game than other values. That’s the Chance of a higher card statistically quite high. Therefore, if you already have one or even two high cards at online casino blackjack, you have a great chance of overbought with the next card and thus loses.

In addition, participants in online casino blackjack should not only keep an eye on their own cards, but also those of the dealer. Because this must take a new card when it has a value of 16. If it has a value of 17, it must stop. If you keep this in mind, you can play your game and yours strategy build on. If the player has a card value of twelve, then there is a high chance that the online casino blackjack player will bust himself with the next card. Therefore, you should first see which cards the dealer has and only then decide whether or not to take another card. For example, if the dealer has a low card value, we recommend taking another card and only then stopping. Because in this case there is also a very high chance that the dealer will bust himself with the next card. In addition to the basic rules, there are of course other strategies that we describe in the following tips for online casino blackjack.

The player declined insurance against blackjack

Tip 1: The game environment has a huge impact

Anyone who chooses an online casino for their blackjack game should attach great importance to seriousness. Only the establishments from our large casino test are recommended for registration, because only they know how to withstand the strict criteria of the experts. Anyone who opts for an online casino without a license, data protection, secure payment system or customer service would no longer be able to help even with the best blackjack strategy.

In many cases, players who do not know exactly which online casino they would like to play blackjack in do not have to make a direct decision. For example, there are many offers where you can play blackjack online for free without registering. In these casinos, players have a lot of time to test individual strategies and also to discover the best software for their own gaming pleasure.

  • select only safe online casinos
  • Take advantage of auditions

Tip 2: Learn the basics of online casino blackjack

In an online casino, in most cases not just a blackjack variant awaits the new player. Instead, there are different versions of the classic game, where there are always different modifications to the rules. Inexperienced players should, however, bet on the classic blackjack variant at the beginning, as this is usually the same everywhere. Nevertheless, it is also important to know the basics of classic blackjack. This includes, for example, tricks about splits or knowing what insurance against blackjack is all about. Players can read this information quickly and then stand solidly and with the necessary know-how at the players table. In this way, your own risks can be reduced and your own chances of profit optimized at the same time.

  • Basic knowledge has to be learned
  • classic blackjack variant is recommended

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Tip 3: Enjoy bonus promotions at online casino blackjack

It doesn't happen very often, but every now and then some online casinos actually give away a bonus offer that blackjack players in particular should be happy about. This can be, for example, a deposit bonus or a free spins bonus that is redeemed in different blackjack variants. In fact, it is sometimes the very usual new customer bonuses that can be redeemed at blackjack. Unfortunately, this is only allowed in exceptional cases. Often card and table games are consistently excluded by the bonus conditions. Players should therefore study the conditions of bonus offers in detail beforehand.

  • Bonus promotions can be helpful
  • Bonus conditions must be checked in advance

Tip 4: Introduce betting limits and take them to heart at online casino blackjack

Blackjack is a game that gamblers can quickly and easily entice into downright gambling. The simple game principle and the feeling of a certain freedom of choice drive even professional experts to linger longer at the online casino blackjack table than was actually planned. When this happens, sooner or later your own streak of luck will inevitably break and the losses can quickly take on enormous sums of money.

Experienced players therefore go over to setting a maximum betting limit or a loss limit before the start of a game round. As soon as these limits are reached, the player should definitely withdraw from the table. Because it only makes sense to set them up if the limits are adhered to. Incidentally, some experienced professionals set themselves not only loss limits, but also profit limits. If these are reached, they also get out so as not to risk their own profits any more.

  • Wagering and loss limits protect against rude awakening
  • Winning limits protect your own winnings

Tip 5: ignore profit guarantees

As mentioned in the introduction to this guide, there are a lot of theories around that lead players to believe that there are specific strategies in blackjack that lead to guaranteed winnings. Anyone who has ever fallen for such a promise knows that such scams are nothing more than rip off customers. If there was a watertight profit system in online casino blackjack, the casino operators would have long since removed this game from their own portfolio. A guaranteed profit would ultimately undermine the principle of gambling per se.

So if you come across so-called advisors on the Internet or in the real world who entice you with guaranteed profits or promise the same, you should turn away quickly if possible. In the worst case, such promises hide full-blown attempts at fraud, which can not only deprive the player of all his money, but possibly also call the security of the online casinos on the scene. In such a case the player can be excluded from the complete casino operation, has to give up his winnings and in the worst case even has to expect a criminal complaint.

  • There are no guaranteed profit strategies
  • Players should beware of the associated rip-offs

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Top 3 best online blackjack casinos

If you want to earn money with blackjack, you should get a good and reliable partner in the form of an online casino. Only those who play at safe casinos have the chance of high payouts. While some online casinos nowadays are increasingly distancing themselves from classic table games such as blackjack or roulette and are increasingly offering slots instead, other providers are establishing themselves as true blackjack casinos. In these establishments, players can expect not only a great selection of blackjack offers, but with a little luck also the right bonus. For everyone who wants to earn money in the online casino, registration with at least one of the following providers is therefore almost mandatory.

The player risks too much by doubling up

betway Casino: Blackjack in many different variations

The betway Casino is currently one of the top addresses in the world of online gambling. The betway casino experiences are literally bubbling over with enthusiasm in view of the constantly growing range, the reliable safety regulations and the various bonus promotions. Currently there are more than 500 different games in the selection of the operator. Blackjack is also not neglected in this portfolio, because betway offers almost 25 different blackjack versions. High rollers, experts and curious first-time players are all equally invited to a few rounds of the game, because there is a suitable variant for everyone. The 1,000.00 euro welcome bonus can also be redeemed at Blackjack: If the players do not opt ​​for Classic Blackjack, they will 8% of the turnover counted towards the bonus conditions.

Eurogrand: Blackjack releases the bonus

The online casino Eurogrand has been one of the absolute top spots for casino fans on the net for many years. Fair conditions, secure licensing and good customer support ensure that all players feel comfortable in this establishment. For all new customers who would like to earn money with blackjack, there is also an additional incentive for opening an account: Players can use blackjack to clear the bonus for their first deposit. For example, you can sign up for the 100% bonus up to EUR 300.00 decide and every use at Blackjack counts 20%. This rating is really exceptional for an online casino and registration is loud Eurogrand experiences almost mandatory for blackjack fans.

888Casino: Bonus and Blackjack go well together

Also the 888Casino experiences speak of the fact that this casino can be recommended in connection with blackjack. Although the selection of game variants is relatively small and customers are by no means rewarded with as many different blackjack versions as with betway or the CasinoClub, the bonus money of new customers can also be used for blackjack. New players can also secure 140.00 euros as a betting budget without a bonus code - money that can then be used in blackjack games. These stakes go 10% in the rating a.

Conclusion: If you want to make money with blackjack, you have to know your limits

Even if many players really want it dearly: There is no secret recipe with which the risk of loss in gambling can be levered out. Neither is there a strategy that always leads to victory for the player. Nonetheless, there are some variables that can be positively influenced by the player. This includes, for example, the environmental conditions - a good online casino, a supporting bonus and knowledge of the basic knowledge of online casino blackjack can help a lot in this regard. Otherwise, it is practice and luck that can create a master in blackjack.

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