Can you leave a gang

Translation of "can you yourself" in Dutch

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kun je je kan je je herinner je je weet je nog


Honey, to them can you hardly remember.
Then can you concentrate fully on Tracey.
In this house can you relax.
Maybe can you shop in the gang of the younger generation.
Miscreant kan ever nu inkopen in de Younger Gang.
Here can you don't speak out, buddy.
From that can you don't let that stop you.
Then can you focus on Mr Hobbes.
Even now can you don't act like a man.
Zelfs nu kun je je nog niet as een man dared.
Maybe can you move quickly ...
En than ever snel kan omkleden, zou mooi zijn.
Seemingly can you not master.
So can you never get lost.
Zo kan ever nooit sea verdwalen.
Thereon can you look forward to
And on it can you leave.
Why can you not even adjust?
Waarom kan ever niet voor eenmaal correct zijn?
This time can you do not buy ransom.
And thus can you don't bother.
And most of them can you not remember.
Now can you laugh to sleep.
At least can you remember my name
And who knows, maybe can you redefine even within the law firm.
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