What is the symbol for Death Eaters

10 rules the Death Eaters follow (and five that break them)!

Many Potter fans are downright obsessed with the Death Eaters. They want to soak up everything there is to know about these bad guys, but that may have to do with the fact that people in general are drawn to bad guys. Maybe it's because "fiends" address our darkest sides, which are brought to life in characters like Bellatrix Lestrange, Wormtail, Barty Crouch Jr., Fenrir Greyback or Lucius Malfoy, for example. Even though many of us may not want to admit it.

Being a Death Eater doesn't mean just wearing a hood and doing evil. Much is expected of them, and if they disappoint the Dark Lord in any way, they will feel his utter anger.
Not every Death Eater, however, fully obeys Lord Voldemort's commandments. Some of them love to break certain rules that he has imposed on them.

So here are ten rules Death Eaters follow (and five that they love to break!)

# 1 Adhered to: Keep your bloodline pure

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Although Lord Voldemort had a hypocritical past regarding this particular rule, he encouraged his Death Eaters to keep their bloodlines "pure".

# 2 Adhered to: Get your dark mark

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These snake and skull tattoos had many uses. First and foremost, however, it showed the Death Eater's affiliation with the Lord and the entire clan.

# 3 Likes to be broken: Call Voldemort when Potter is spotted

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Voldemort was more than clear when he ordered to be alerted immediately of any Potter sightings. The Lord wanted to get up quickly to rid the world of Harry Potter.

# 4 Compliance: Never use Voldemort's name

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Out of respect, the Death Eaters often referred to Lord Voldemort as "the dark lord". Voldemort demanded this in order to make his name a forbidden word and thus to sow a feeling of insecurity in his ranks.

# 5 Is Obeyed: Blindly obeying orders

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Follow rules and don't ask questions. It was something every Death Eater instinctively knew how to do, though Lord Voldemort had to remind them of it on occasion. Every Death Eater knew that they had to do certain things, some of which they might not want to do.

# 6 Likes to be broken: Voldemort always tell the truth

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Lord Voldemort made it very clear that the Death Eaters should tell him the truth at all times. If he caught them lying, they probably wouldn't have an opportunity to lie again. He was ruthless, but that didn't mean the Death Eaters and his fellow followers were always 100 percent honest.

# 7 Will be respected: Dark clothing

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All ritual connections, especially the evil ones, should have a color code. For the Death Eaters, it was black, dark green, and dark blue. Very rarely was there a Death Eater who wore a color or hue that did not fall within this spectrum.

# 8 Is Obeyed: Risking Your Life

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The Dark Lord demanded that every single member of the Death Eaters risk their lives for the greater cause. Not every Death Eater got into this situation, but should the opportunity arise they were expected to willingly sacrifice their lives.

# 9 Obeyed: Face Voldemort's Wrath

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One would think that at some point the Death Eaters would have had enough of Lord Voldemort's temper. After all, he was pretty quick-tempered. To put it mildly, the guy acted like a total freak at times. He also had no problem ending someone's life quickly just because they were angry. On the other hand, the Death Eaters probably knew what they were getting into.

# 10 Likes to be broken: wearing masks

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During the First Wizarding War, Lord Voldemort required his Death Eaters to wear masks. This not only intimidated their enemies, but also hid each individual's identity. At the time, this was extremely important as the Death Eaters infiltrated the Ministry of Magic and needed inside information about Aurors, Muggleborns, and the Order of the Phoenix. It would have been hard to do that if everyone around them had known that they were "bad".

# 11 Will Follow: Keep sending children to Hogwarts

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When he was younger, Lord Voldemort wanted to teach at Hogwarts, but was denied any opportunity because Albus Dumbledore did not trust him. Still, Voldemort's opinion of Hogwarts has not changed. Sure, he didn't like the headmaster, some of the teachers, and part of the curriculum, but by and large he thought Hogwarts was the best way to get a magical education.

# 12 Is adhered to: come when you are called

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As mentioned earlier, the Death Eaters received a mark that burned every time Voldemort called them over. If any of the Death Eaters were summoned, they were dearly expected to show up.

# 13 Obeyed: Spy on the Ministry of Magic

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One of the main goals of Voldemort during the First and Second Wizarding Wars was to overthrow those in power. This meant taking over the Ministry of Magic and mandating his people to run the country in a way that conformed to Voldemort's ideology. To do this, some Death Eaters had to infiltrate the Ministry.

# 14 Likes to be broken: Don't get to know each other

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In many cases, the Death Eaters knew exactly who they were working with. Some were family members, so it was clear - but sooner or later others found out who they belonged to, or they made themselves known.

# 15 Adhered to: Use the dark mark to sow fear and anxiety

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The dark mark worked like a bad bat signal. Not only could it call Lord Voldemort's Death Eater to one place, but it could also terrify the world… It was also used as a token of victory - like after the death of Dumbledore.

Do you remember all of these rules? As a Death Eater, would you have followed them all - or would you have made exceptions? Tell us in the comments!