How do criminal cases begin

Section 73 EU-JZG requirements

(1) The deployment of an official of a Member State acting undercover or under a false identity in Germany is only possible on the basis of an order issued before the start of the deployment by the public prosecutor's office in whose district the deployment is likely to begin and only on the basis of a request from a judicial authority of a Member State permissible who has approved this assignment in a criminal or preliminary investigation that has already been initiated.

(2) The deployment of a foreign undercover investigator in Germany shall be ordered if


the offenses on which the foreign criminal proceedings are based meet the requirements for issuing a European arrest warrant, and


the clarification of the offenses without the planned investigative acts would be futile or significantly more difficult.

(3) The deployment may only be ordered for the period that is likely to be necessary to achieve its purpose, but no longer than one month. A new order is only permissible if the prerequisites persist and, based on certain facts, it can be assumed that further implementation will be successful. As soon as the prerequisites for further implementation no longer apply or the purpose of the investigative activities is no longer achieved or can probably no longer be achieved, the mission must be terminated immediately.