What are 5 fitness tips for beginners

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This is how you can start your healthy lifestyle today

Do you also want to change something and give your life a new "push"? For example, to do more sport or even to start exercising at all?

This is a great idea and I tell you: You are not alone with your project. However, many people fail to implement your Resolutions. Often even before they have dared to take the first step.

The following tips should help you to really achieve your goals and to permanently integrate sport into your everyday life. Start your new, healthy lifestyle today.

The secret to success is to get started

1. Formulate clear goals

People who have clear goals and are constantly pursuing them have a great advantage: They know what they want and what they are doing targeted and conscious. This helps them to stay on “their way” and not to let the difficulties and obstacles that confront them unsettle and stop them.

When formulating your goals, you can refer to the SMART method orientate:

SMART stands for:

S = specific
M = measurable
A = achievable
R = realistic (realistic)
T = time framed (time frame)

So if you've made up your mind fitter to become, this project leaves a lot of freedom and does not provide a clear path. There fitter is not clearly defined, the question arises as to how exactly you could notice that you are fitter (specific or measurable?). Setting one also often helps Timeframe to the (intermediate) goal. This way you stay on course and don't shuffle around haphazardly.

For example, it would be better:

I want to be able to run for 30 minutes straight within the next two months.

Also help small milestones (for example three kilograms of weight reduction within the next two months), if the “big goal” (ten kilograms in six months) is still a long way off. The faster you are successful, the more your motivation increases. So don't do too much at once.

If you have reached a stage goal, be proud of yourself and treat yourself to a reward. Celebrate your successes and tread the path to the next stage goal with increased self-confidence.

2. Arrange fixed appointments

If you have clearly defined your goal, you should now, at least as quickly as possible, get active and start. See your training units as fixed dates in your daily routine. Write in your organizer and mark them with "High priority". You will only achieve your personal goal if you do something for it, conscientiously and regularly. It's about your health. After all, you don't just cancel a doctor's appointment.

Still, it is sometimes difficult for you to motivate yourself and you notice yourself unconsciously afterwards Looking for excuses, be aware of these four points:

(by productivity expert and successful author Leo Babauta)

  • I planned it for a good reason, so I'll do it too.
  • My past self decided to do it and my future self will thank me for it.
  • Once I get started, I'll be happy about it. I just have to take the first, small step.
  • I don't have to make another decision or think about it. It's already decided.

Also remember that it is Takes timeuntil your brain adapts to new processes and habits and Changes in everyday life without “grumbling” (around four to six weeks). At this stage it is even more important to be firm Appointments "with you" to be agreed so that your path does not end with the first steps.

If you can do this, new processes can soon be a matter of course in your life and become normal for you.

Another, very simple but effective Motivation tip: Just start. For example, plan to move for at least 5 minutes. If you still don't feel like it, you can stop. But it is often the case that the motivation comes naturally. According to the motto "the appetite comes with eating" you will be happy to have taken the first step and then you will not be able to stop.

3. Activate your fat burning furnace

One of the most common questions health professionals are asked about sustainable weight loss and body contouring is what is the “best” exercise method.

First of all: There is no such thing as the best, because every body is individually and reacts differently to different training stimuli. You will also not be able to follow your training in the long term if you do not Joy in movement have (see No. 5).

Many people (especially women) spend hours with them Endurance training, driven by the goal of burning as much energy and fat as possible in this workout.

This idea is not entirely wrong either. As soon as we sweat, we feel like we are burning a lot of calories right now and at this very moment. As soon as our training session is over, however, our body switches back to normal operation.

Wouldn't it be much nicer if yours Fat burning oven 24 hours a day would be switched to operation? Even when you are sleeping, working or lying on the couch?

This is exactly what happens when you go through targeted and intense strength training Strengthen your muscles. You ensure a sustainable weight reduction and you also feel more resilient. Yours Body tension increases and your body parts are nicely defined.

Now, when you hear the term "strength training", you shouldn't think of heavy weights, big machines, or stuffy gyms. You can find out why in tip 4.

In the article "Why strength training makes sense for women" you will experience many other great effects of intensive strength training. And we'll also tell you why women don't have to be afraid of unwanted mountains of muscle.

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4. Your body is the best training device

Have you ever thought about what your body has to do to achieve the To cope with everyday life? How many muscles do you have to work when you get up in the morning and go to work, when you go up or down a flight of stairs or when you take a short walk in the park? What exactly means that you can carry a heavy box without straining your back and play football with your children?

Exercises that involve your entire body and, if possible, many muscles and joints involved are therefore an ideal training, your body his natural functions to strengthen accordingly.

The so-called Bodyweight exercises are based exclusively on exercises with your own body weight, which is a lot compared to pure machine training (such as in the gym) advantages Has:

  • Several muscle groups are always activated and strengthened at the same time. So you train functionally and not in isolation (for example, squats = all leg and core muscles versus leg extension equipment = only leg extension muscles).
  • The exercises can be performed anywhere and anytime, even if you only have a few minutes. You don't need to join an expensive gym.
  • Furthermore, your body has to rebalance itself again and again, which leads to better coordination in everyday life. This greatly reduces the risk of falling or kinking.

We have the Top 5 best bodyweight / full body exercises put together and explain to you in detail, including a video, what they bring and how you can best carry them out.

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5. Have fun!

The best workout in the world won't get you where you want to go if you don't enjoy it. Your training will then always be a tiresome obligation that you either do not do at all or only do it irregularly and reluctantly.

For this reason, it is important to find something that you made happy. Don't go running if you've always hated running. Avoid the gym if you prefer to exercise at home or in nature. Don't join the local soccer or dance club if you don't enjoy exercising with other people.

But dare to try different things. How about some simple yoga exercises, for example? Find out what offers are available in your area (regional newspaper, internet, adult education center, sports clubs, fitness studio). Accompany your friends to exercise and plan activities with your partner that keep you moving.

Taste you slowly approaching and do not overwhelm yourself by entering too many and too intensive training units in your schedule, because you are so motivated to finally start.

How to stay with it permanently

If you have a lot of “good intentions”, you are at the beginning with great enthusiasm and full of motivation. However, this initial euphoria evaporates relatively quickly. To the discipline It takes a lot to apply permanently and regularly Willpower. But this is not infinitely present and sometimes just used up by other things.

We have put together the best tips and insights into how you can manage to exercise regularly in a separate article.

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