What's the Healthiest Fast Food Burger

Big fast food comparison | How healthy are burgers, pizza, kebab & Co.?

Currywurst, doner kebab, pizza or french fries - when things have to go fast during their lunch break, many people turn to fast food. Read the large nutrient comparison here.

The pizza does very badly: It has very few healthy ingredients, but a lot of fat and calories, as the big fast food test by the magazine "Funk Uhr" shows.

The healthy alternative to fast food is the kebab. With cabbage and vegetables it is rich in vitamins and bioactive substances, the meat contains protein.

The only point of criticism: The bread is mostly made of white flour, and these empty carbohydrates are of no use to the body.

The roast chicken also does pretty well in comparison. It's high in lean protein, B vitamins, zinc, and magnesium. With the right side dish, e.g. B. a salad, half a rooster becomes a balanced meal that will keep you full for a long time.

Burgers, fries and Co. - here is the big nutrient comparison:

By the way: The daily calorie requirement for a man who does not work physically hard is between 1900 and 2600 kilocalories (kcal), whereas for a woman it is only 1700 to 2200. In order not to exceed this, the calories from drinks must of course also be included and they sometimes have it all:

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