What does Tim Cooks' office look like

Apple CEO Tim Cook would like to return to the office after the pandemic

In many offices, one is currently wondering where the employees will work after the pandemic. In an interview, Tim Cook speaks out in favor of returning to the office, but with reservations.

Tech industry pioneer

In early 2020, many tech companies announced that they would definitely allow their employees to remain in the home office until 2021. Google was the first world-famous company to publish such a statement. CEO Sundar Pichai explained at the time: "Our goal is to enable employees to return to the office as soon as local conditions allow." At the time, Pichai spoke of a hybrid solution because many employees wanted to go back to the office, but no longer full-time. On Twitter and Facebook, the office pressure was even completely removed.

At Apple, like Google, they are striving for a mixed solution, as CEO Tim Cook explained in an interview with People Magazine. "My gut feeling tells me that it is still important for us to be in physical contact with one another. Cooperation can often not be planned, but rather emerges from situations."

Innovation emerges over the course of the day, says Cook, through working with other people. In his opinion, this rarely happens alone. That is why Apple decided on a very open office structure as early as 2017, when the move to the Cupertino Campus was completed. Due to the pandemic, however, many corporations are now rethinking how they would have to convert the office space in order to meet the current framework conditions.

Hybrid solution

Cook does not yet know how Apple will deal with the situation in the future. "We're still thinking, to be honest." Cook is not entirely averse to the home office anyway. There are enough things that can be done and discussed perfectly virtually via Zoom or Webex. "I think working with us will be a kind of hybrid model, as I currently call it."

According to Cook, the successes of the past few months in particular suggest that Apple can handle the situation well. "Despite the pandemic, we brought the first 5G iPhone and the M1 chip onto the market during this time. These are very, very great successes for us."

Return with hurdles

A survey by Partnership in New York has shown that of the approximately one million employees, only one in five is likely to return to the office full-time. 45 percent of employers assume that the partial return to the office will start again in September. 66 percent of employers are planning a hybrid model like Apple. Around ten percent of employees in New York currently work from the office. The rest is still in the home office. (aam, March 22nd, 2021)