Weapons are inherently dangerous

After the "LUP attack": CO2 weapons are so dangerous

ST. PÖLTEN (red). After the shooting at two LUP buses in St. Pölten, which also hit a window, the police said they found a CO2 cartridge. This suggests that the murder weapon was a kind of air rifle. How dangerous are these weapons? And how do you even get a gun like this?

The acquisition of a CO2 air rifle is linked from the age of 18 years. There are no other requirements to be met. For example, an extract from the criminal record is not requested.

CO2 weapons are already available on the Internet for well under 100 euros. 4.5 millimeter steel balls can be fired with the pistols. "Thanks to the non-blowback system, the pistol has a very powerful firing power of up to 2.7 joules," says an internet shop.

According to Jörg Eibl from Waffen Eibl in St. Pölten, the weapons are certainly not fatal. The expert believes that it is unlikely that a double-glazed bus window will be completely shot through. With a slingshot and a corresponding iron ball, a stronger shot can be achieved. However, a shot with a CO2 pistol can still lead to serious injuries. "The iron ball can penetrate the skin," says Eibl.

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