Have you ever done incest with who?

Violence & Incest: What the 5 Most Common Sex Dreams Mean

Have you ever woken up from a wet dream in which you had sex with a person whom you cannot suffer with any fiber of your body in real life? Me too. That's why I asked Refinery29 readers about their most uncomfortable sex dreams and passed their stories on to a therapist and asked them for possible interpretations - including one of my most absurd sex dreams.
Before we take the next step, however, I would like to - also on the advice of the interviewed therapist Dr. Hilda Burke - clearly point out that there is still a lot to explore in dream and sleep research. There are even two scientific camps in the study of dreams: On the one hand, there are those who believe that dreams are an arbitrary string of mere images and moments that the brain gossips with us during the rest period. That deep sleep is based on an "ebb and flow" -like transmission of neurotransmitters and that dreams are simply the simplest and therefore often most brutal way to process what has happened without any particular sequence or relevance.
On the other hand, there are people like Dr. Burke, who regard the brain as a kind of control center of our subconscious and the content of our dreams as interpretable. Dr. Burke explains her method of interpretation using the Freudian three-instance structure model and explains: “While we are awake, we are dominated by the id that tells us, 'I'm hungry', 'I want sex', 'I need rest', ' I'm cold '- it's something animal. Then there is the me where we reflect on ourselves and think, 'I'm funny' or 'I have black humor'. And then there is the superego that tells us, 'I should'. But under all these layers lies the subconscious that emerges during sleep. The suppressed thoughts and hidden desires. "
Dr. Burke, does not mean that every dream really has a deeper meaning. After all, the brain also processes completely irrelevant information in dreams. So not all of them have to say something about a suppressed desire.
Click through the slides below to find out the five most common sex dreams and their possible explanations.