Which passwords are easiest to guess

Secure passwords - this is how it works

Tips beyond secure passwords

Two-factor method: Many online service providers offer procedures with which you have to identify yourself in addition to the password in a second way in order to be able to log in. This so-called two-factor authentication is available in numerous variants, e.g. as a code via SMS, with a TAN generator for online banking or an app. Caution: Even with such a procedure, you should not do without secure passwords!

Unlock your smartphone: On the smartphone, it is particularly convenient to have passwords saved in the apps so that you do not have to re-enter them every time you start. That carries additional risks. If the smartphone is stolen, the thief could gain access to online banking and other accounts. Therefore, save as few passwords as possible on your device.

Many smartphones can be encrypted - use this option, not only when you save passwords on the device.

You should also set up an automatic screen lock and choose the most secure method to unlock it. We give tips on the advantages and disadvantages of patterns, fingerprints and the like.

Login alliances / single sign-on: There are solutions from providers such as Facebook, Google, Amazon or "Verimi" and "NetID" to log into other apps and pages with their login data. The procedure is called "single sign-on". We are not only critical of this from the point of view of data protection (these companies can find out, for example, when and where you have registered). A central login to one of these services also means that criminals can easily access many of your other user accounts in the event of a data leak. Read more about this here.