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Road Signs in Ireland: This is How Traffic Is Controlled

Road signs are in Ireland as important as almost anywhere in the world. Among other things, they pretend what pace allows is who has right of way or indicate danger spots down. However, some of these signs can occur when traveling through unusual shapes, colors or unfamiliar symbols cause confusion. Therefore, holidaymakers should also consult the main signs and symbols deal.

Overview of road signs in Ireland

The table below contains the traffic signs described above of Ireland. Anyone interested can use all valid traffic signs in the official "Rules of the Road" View under the following link Here is a PDF document with all applicable traffic laws in Irelandavailable for download.

FAQ: Road signs in Ireland

What are the road signs in Ireland?

In Ireland, many traffic signs are similar to German ones. But there are also specially Irish traffic signs. You can find it here.

What language are Irish road signs in?

Irish road signs are either symbols or contain words. Often the signs are in 2 languages: English and Gaelic.

Speed ​​signs - miles or km / h?

Speed ​​limits in the Republic of Ireland are given in km / h. In Northern Ireland, however, the British system applies. I. E. here speeds are indicated in miles per hour on the signs.

Irish traffic signs can be very different from the German ones

Danger: Be in this guide special road signs in the Republic of Ireland considered. In Northern Ireland become the applicable traffic signs used by Great Britain.

The green island to be discovered by car, has its charm. That's how they are Killarney Beaches or Ross Castle easier to reach than by bus and train. Also exploration tours to Cavan or in the Ballycoy National Park with a mobile coaster make it much more pleasant. Driving in Ireland stops for continental Europeans however, there are some hurdles ready.

To my if there was left-hand trafficwhich can be a challenge for the inexperienced. On the other hand the road conditions present themselves often also a complication in rural areas. Furthermore get it Travelers then also with unfamiliar ones To do road signs in Ireland.

The essentials about road signs in Ireland

Mostly Irish road signs are no different of the Germans. Speed ​​limits, Stop signs or signposts are usually easy to spot and represent vacationers no major difficulties.

In Ireland, too, there is a subdivision into mandatory, danger and regulatory signs. Still there is some road signs in Irelandthat for German vacationers can be unfamiliar.

For one, there are the characters for the respective direction of travel usually left. On the other hand, there are the important ones Notes and signs are bilingual held. Both English and Gaelic (Irish) are on the official signposts.

Another difference to Germany is partial the coloring of the street signs. If road works are going on in Ireland, get it the signs have an orange backgroundcausing them to pay attention to this particular traffic situation do. This is not the case in Germany.

Sheep everywhere - also on the traffic signs

Even though there are some common road signs in Ireland easily distinguished from the German, their importance is usually clear to most tourists. It can look different if it is a sign, something like that does not occur in one's own country. In addition to the previously mentioned construction site signs also differDanger signs in Ireland from the Germans.

These are common in the shape of a square on its tip with yellow background and black pictograms or inscriptions to find. Rectangular yellow and black warning signs are also more common.

An example of such a road sign in Ireland are the warnings about animals. While in Germany usually the Moving animals and driving cattle the most famous and most used characters are comes on the Emerald Isle yet another of its kind added. And this sign is not so rare in the country. On the yellow background is that in black Pictogram of a sheep presented what on wandering flocks of sheep and urges drivers to exercise caution.

Other danger signs that do not exist in Germany, but more often in Ireland warn of level crossings and children playing. The former involves the representation of a Signal system and a steam locomotive on tracks. Especially the second traffic sign mentioned could a bit unusual for tourists from abroad be.

Because the child is as such rather difficult to see. The pictogram shows a person running into the street and a car lurching. If holidaymakers come across this road sign in Ireland, they should Drive with foresight and caution as well as expect children on the street at any time.

Ireland: other important road signs

Lots of crossings, especially in rural areas, will either through roundabouts or by means of traffic signs regulated. One of the most important road signs in Ireland is therefore the "give way" sign. This is the one known in Germany upside down trianglewhich one red border as well as a white one Has background. However, the Irish variant has either the words "YIELD" (English) or "Géill Slí" (Irish)which both means something like "give way".

Drivers who are on a street with these signs must be at an intersection with the traffic on the street to be crossed Give priority and approach carefully. The same applies of course, when a "STOP" sign is placed at an intersection.

Traffic signs that announce bans in Ireland, also hardly differ in the essential areas. Speed ​​limits are also here usually by one Circle with dead border and white background marked. In Ireland, however, it still becomes the black number on the background the addition "km / h" written about it.

This usually has to do with the fact that in Northern Ireland the British system is used and speeds in miles per hour are displayed. The "km / h" on the signs of the republic also indicates that other standards apply here.

A prohibition sign which does not exist in Germany, is forbidden to drive vehicles that Transport explosives. This can include National parks, residential areas or certain urban areas be the case. In the red circle on a white background you can see a black vehicle and an explosion flame. The pictorial representation is through a crossed out red diagonal bars.
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Road signs in Ireland: this is how traffic is regulated
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