Is it too early to plant flowers?

Repotting indoor plants: when and how often?

In order for indoor plants to grow well and evenly, they must be repotted regularly. But when is it ready? A quick look in the flower pot helps.

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If the root ball has displaced a lot of soil in the pot, it needs a larger container.

If the pot is too small for the plant, the gardener has to repot. But when exactly is the vessel no longer sufficient? When the root ball has grown so large that it has displaced a third of the earth, explains the Rhineland-Palatinate Garden Academy.

Repot when roots become visible

You should also repot if the roots grow through the drainage holes or over the edge of the pot, the pot bends or containers made of clay are even blown up. Another indication is that the ratio of the pot size to the plant is no longer correct, which affects the stability.

Replace the substrate if the soil is muddy

Hobby gardeners should also repot their houseplants when the soil is muddy. This means that it is so dense that it hardly stores any water. The irrigation water runs away over the edge or builds up.

Repotting interval depends on the plant

How often a houseplant needs to be repotted depends on the plant. Fast-growing plants with strong roots such as some ornamental asparagus species, rubber trees or Dieffenbachia have to move to a larger pot every year. With particularly slow-growing plants with low nutrient requirements such as succulents and cacti, there is more time. Here it is sufficient to replace the substrate every two to four years.

The best season to repot

If possible, indoor plants should be repotted in spring. This gives them plenty of daylight and at the same time fresh substrate with new nutrients - the best conditions for healthy and vigorous growth. In an emergency, i.e. if the pot is blown or the potting soil is completely drained, the plants can also be repotted in autumn or winter. Because of the new nutrients and the simultaneous lack of light, however, they can then become horny: They form extremely long and unstable light deficiency shoots with small or no leaves at all.

Repot houseplants in spring

For hobby gardeners, the ideal planting time begins in spring. So that gardening enthusiasts can make their plants happy, they should replace the potting soil. more

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| Updated: February 12, 2020

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