Do early approvals influence regular decisions

Influence the decision of the admissions committee in favor of a successor

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professional suitability


License age


Duration of medical activity

dto. The duration of the medical activity is extended by times in which the medical activity was interrupted because of the upbringing of children or the care of close relatives in need of care in the home environment.


A contract doctor's activity lasting at least five years in an area in which the state committee has determined the existence of an undersupply in accordance with Section 100 (1).

Applicant is the spouse, child of the contract doctor

Applicant is the spouse, life partner, child of the contract doctor

Applicant is employed doctor, co-partner of the contract doctor

The applicant is an employed doctor or partner in a BAG


Willingness of the applicant to meet special supply needs that have been defined in the tender of the KV.

priority occupation of general practitioners' offices


economic interests of the departing / the heirs, as long as the purchase price does not exceed the market value