What screams i'm confident


MP Andreas Kühberger (ÖVP): Dear President! Dear Chancellor, Vice Chancellor! Dear members of the Federal Government! Dear Colleagues! Dear Austrians! Christmas time as we know it is usually a quiet, reflective time. This year the Christmas season is a very special time. The Federal Chancellors and Vice Chancellors have already mentioned the conditions under which we will celebrate this festival this year.

I was born in 1974 and still count myself among the youth. In my younger years there was not a year that shaped me as much as this year 2020. As a father of six, I am very grateful that my family has recovered; we were infected too. However, as the mayor of a municipality in Styria and as a national councilor, I am also grateful that our federal government has done a very good job in this really challenging year. (Applause from the ÖVP and the Greens.)

The lives that we save are very important to us, the governing parties, but also the jobs and the companies that we want to protect. Ladies and gentlemen, I am already asking myself: what is important to the Freedom Party? What are you all about? You create the mood here, want to catch voices, but at whose expense? At the cost of human life? At the expense of the economy? (Abg. Kassegger: The economy is ruining ...!)

Ladies and gentlemen, I can only tell you one thing: we don't know how this crisis will end, neither do I, because I don't have a crystal ball, but I am very confident and I can still look in the mirror with a clear conscience. (Applause from the ÖVP and the Greens.Submission Amesbauer: Me too!) - Mr Amesbauer, you will no longer be able to look in the mirror. You can blare out here and scream, colleague, that won't help. (Another interjection from Abg. Amesbauer.)

Mr Amesbauer, Mr Kickl, I ask you as mayor: Have you been in a nursing home lately or - you are not allowed in - have you made contact? (Abg. Kickl: Yes, I can tell you personal stories too!) - I think you can tell someone else, Mr Kickl, that you have contact with a nursing home somewhere.

I am mayor. In Styria they say: like a sticky maker - so we take care that this virus does not get into the home. (Heckling at the FPÖ.) Unfortunately, it happened in my community of 1,800 people, and tragedies are unfolding there. (Abg. Belakovich: Exactly!) I'm on the phone with the home management. You can scream, but I'm on the phone (Abg. Belakovich: Yes and?), I know the tragedies of the residents, the relatives! - Exactly, yes, Dr. Belakovich! Shout in! You are precisely one of those who encourage this, because you call for people not to go for tests, not to go vaccinated! You are that health hazard, whatever you always say to us! (Applause from members of the ÖVP.)

President Doris Bures: I ask you too, Honorable Member, to moderate your language!

MP Andreas Kühberger (continuing): Sorry for getting emotional, but the previous speaker, the pharmacist, said yes, he doesn't know any people who have died. (Abg. Belakovich: Yes, me neither!) I get so emotional because unfortunately - and I am truly not proud of it - I know ten people who have already died in my region. (Interjection from the Abg. Belakovich.) I would like to swap places with the pharmacist. I wish I didn't know a single one, believe me! (Applause from the ÖVP and the Greens.)

As I said, our duty here in the National Council is to protect human lives. (Abg. Belakovich: Yes, then finally do it!) The same applies to the communities. Mr Angerer! On December 9th, you asked for 1.2 billion euros more for the municipalities. As the mayor and member of a ruling party, I am proud that we negotiated well. (Interjection from the Abg. Amesbauer.) There is an additional 1.5 billion euros, a total of 2.5 billion euros for the municipalities. In my community, this is just one example, we are going to invest 200,000 euros in roads next year. We haven't invested that at all in the last few years. (Applause from the ÖVP and members of the Greens.)

Allocations of needs: For the municipalities in Styria alone, that is over 201 million euros. (Abg. Kassegger: ... will convince the governor!)

Dear FPÖ, you are becoming more and more implausible with your actions and your statements. No matter what we do - even if there is more money - everything is criticized, but I can only tell you one thing: the people out there feel it and notice it.

And when Mr Kickl wants to put a bomb under the Christmas tree for our Federal Chancellor - that's bad (Heckling at the FPÖ), Then I thought about it and, if you will allow me, imagined the following picture: I imagined Mr Kickl sitting in front of the Christmas tree as a spoiled child, opening one pack after the other and screaming louder and louder, and here in this plenum he screams then further. (Applause from the ÖVP and Abg. Jakob Black.)

Dear Freedom Party, now it occurs to me again: Last municipal council election in Styria - not a single FPÖ mayor. I wonder why? Maybe you are not believable? - Just screaming, Mr Amesbauer, is not enough, you have to do something and act. Nothing comes from anything, you have to work, then you get to something. (Applause from the ÖVP. Amesbauer: Haughtiness comes before the event!)

I started this speech contemplatively, Christmassy and would like to close it with Christmas wishes. Especially to the people outside who do a great job, in the nursing homes, in the nursing centers, but also in our hospitals - whether they are doctors, whether they are nurses or nurses - I say: All the best! Health! Maybe we will go test together and then vaccinate together, then we can celebrate another great Christmas next year. - Thanks. (Applause from the ÖVP and Abg. Bricklayer. - Abg. Amesbauer: Let's do it this year!)


President Doris Bures: Next speaker: Mr. Josef Schellhorn. - You're welcome.