What causes someone to lower their cholesterol

Lower cholesterol without tablets

For a few years now, types of margarine have been offered that are supposed to lower cholesterol. They contain so-called plant sterols, which can inhibit the absorption of cholesterol. It is still unclear whether these margarines improve health.

Other foods are also sometimes claimed to lower cholesterol. These include in particular: artichoke extracts, fish oil, garlic, Indian myrrh, policosanol (a sugar cane extract), red rice flour, soy, walnuts, products with soluble fiber such as psyllium husks and green tea extracts (catechin extracts). Many of these products are sold in capsule form as dietary supplements. So far, however, it has not been shown for any of these agents that they can prevent secondary diseases.

Most drugs don't even have convincing evidence that they can lower cholesterol at all. Studies have only been carried out on catechin products that contain green tea extracts: They were able to lower the cholesterol level slightly in people with high cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia): total cholesterol fell by an average of around 6 mg / dl and the LDL value by about 4 mg / dl. However, it cannot be deduced from this that catechin extracts also improve health, e.g. prevent heart attacks. In addition, the studies were too short to say anything about the long-term effects of such products.