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E.J. | January 14th, 2021 at 12:09 pm [Reply]

Supplement from the student's point of view

From the student's point of view it would be helpful:
- Providing timely information about the organization of the lesson, e.g. working on a video conference or worksheets alone
- Timely setting of the materials not everyone always has a printer and fast internet available, sometimes the printing of the work materials has to be done in advance
- Independent posting of the materials, do not expect students to remind them of the obligation to teach and the posting of materials, to be honest, we are not responsible for organizing the teachers.
- Structure, structure, structure !!! This includes, for example, a clear sequence of the worksheets to be worked on and a clear assignment of which sheet is currently involved, as well as please give a short time in the digital format until you find the corresponding sheet. Perhaps uniform numbering of the sheets would also be possible.
- Show the leaves in the video chat. Just by listening, the didactic structure of a worksheet and how to fill it in correctly is difficult to understand and above all, one is then more concerned with understanding the didactics of the teacher than with the subject matter itself