What are the downsides to being smart

Unfortunately, today is bad / intelligence: A bit stupid


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Intelligence doesn't just have advantages. Everyone knows that as a pubescent person who sighed very theatrically "I wish I was stupid, then I would be happier" in order to impress someone. Which mostly didn't work out. And the sentence is of course nonsense, for example I have been very stupid very often and at the same time very unhappy. Even as a newborn, I cried a lot and understood nothing at the same time. Except that it was more comfortable in the stomach. Anyway, I mean to remember it.

To be unhappy, it is basically enough to be thrown onto this planet of ours without being asked. And after that, in adulthood, intelligence is mostly one thing above all else: useful. Intelligence, just like beauty, means an evolutionary advantage. It used to be that way when you got the brilliant idea that fried mammoths taste better, and it is still the case today when you come to an interview. Intelligence is unfair too, of course.

With beauty it is now like this: the cult around it is gradually crumbling. On Instagram, you no longer only see models photographed on 90-60-90, there are increasingly people who stand by their supposed flaws. Stretch marks, sagging bellies, fat calves, hairy legs, pimples, all of this can be found on social media, often under the hashtag bodypositivity. People no longer see that beauty is defined from the outside and can then also be used for personal advantage or disadvantage. That is correct and understandable. Despite this hashtag movement, people naturally keep walking through life with complexes. They would like to be blond, taller, broader, more bearded, less bearded, tan, less brown, fatter, less fat. But then mostly stay as they are and say: That's just how I am. You could call this attitude defiant, but defiance has something pleasantly resistive about it. Perhaps not all people are beautiful, but healthy defiance is definitely. And maybe that is much more important, the intellectual dealings.

There are many more uninteresting people than ugly people

Only: What you rarely hear about are people who regret not being particularly clever. Even in a superficial society, that is much more regrettable than not being beautiful in the conventional sense. There are many more uninteresting than ugly people. One is much more ready to feel too fat than too stupid.

Nobody complains about not being particularly smart. Very few are ashamed of their inadequate ability to abstract, their incapacity for humor, the slowness of their brains, their poor imagination.

(That produces a societal slant. I can only judge others with my own limited intelligence contingent. And that's where it becomes problematic, because anyone who tries to judge the horizon of a more intelligent person with a limited horizon will fail. The purely genetic differences make it impossible Communication, and that is dangerous.)

In the USA, you often do not send a photo with applications so that potential employers can decide based on the qualifications of a candidate. It is forbidden by law to discriminate against people in the selection process because of their gender, skin color or possible disabilities. That is good, and for the job as an IT architect it is not decisive whether someone has very long legs and where their parents come from. But it would be quite useful for everyone involved if an IT architect brought an IQ above room temperature. Therefore, employers anywhere in the world are allowed to require applicants to take a recruitment test.