What is 333 333

333 Gold - The cheapest 8 carat gold alloy

333 gold is hard and therefore also suitable for higher loads. If young couples want to get an engagement or wedding ring, experience has shown that they are happy to fall back on the inexpensive 333 version. Alloys made from 375 gold are also increasingly being chosen by younger people. Simply calculate the 333 price for a trial.

Problem material 333 gold

However, experts refer to 333 gold as problem material. This is due to the fact that, with its low proportion of fine gold, it cannot be called real gold and therefore no longer has the typical properties of gold. Since an alloy is always named after its main component in metallurgy, the "333er", for example if it has a high silver content, would be more correct for a silver alloy that also contains gold.

Is 333 gold threatened with extinction?

In Germany, however, it is still legally permitted to designate this alloy as gold and to stamp it with a fine gold stamp 333. Due to the globalization of the markets, which also affects the gold market, it is already foreseeable that this will change in the foreseeable future. According to EU guidelines, for example, gold may only be designated as such if the fine gold content is at least 9 carats, i.e. 375. An early end of the alloy with the designation 333 gold is quite possible.