Toothache is a sign of pregnancy

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    Pregnancy Signs-Toothache?

    Today I heard from a neighbor that she was pregnant and she stiffly claims that it was one of her first signs of pregnancy TOOTHACHE because otherwise she always had healthy teeth and about a week before the positive test the biter started to hurt her.

    Well, that wasn't the case with me, and I've never heard of anything like this appearing as a sign of pregnancy. Except that you should take care of your teeth during pregnancy and that bad teeth can trigger premature birth ...

    Have you heard of this thing before?
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    Re: Pregnancy Signs- Toothache?

    Quote by IndiaSummer

    Have you heard of this thing before?
    Yes, several times - including me.
    At that time I had to have a root canal treatment in the 12th week.

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    Re: Pregnancy Signs-Toothache?

    had it in my first ss too, had to go for a root canal treatment in the 6th week * bähhhhh *


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