Why is life so uninteresting

Why is nobody interested in me and my needs?

One reader writes: "I've had the same experience over and over again since my youth. When I meet new people or meet people I know, at first I ask them how they are and am interested in their problems. It can go on for hours. It almost never occurs to anyone to ask about me. I have the impression that I am totally uninteresting and unimportant. Why is nobody interested in me? Am I so uninteresting? "

Dr. Doris Wolf answers:
"Hello Sebastian, I can well imagine how tiring and disappointing it can be for you to keep approaching others without something coming back. Your conclusion that you are uninteresting and unimportant is certainly not correct.

On the one hand, every speaker also needs a listener. On the other hand, you are a person with a great talent, which is very rare today, to be able to listen to and engage with others. It could be that you yourself contribute to staying in the role of the listener. Perhaps you think of yourself that you have nothing of interest to contribute. You may tend to answer questions with just a short yes or no, rather than lively and ornate telling. So it is difficult for the other person to find a way to continue the conversation.

Or you are very critical of what you believe, what is worth telling. You have a reluctance to tell trivial things, and the sensational just doesn't happen every day in your life. You may also not want to talk about problems because you think they are none of your business or you need to be strong enough to solve them on your own. "