What is the use of cooling

Cooling with heat pumps
Systems / possible uses

Brine / water heat pumps and water / water heat pumps offer the option of "passive cooling". When cooling with underfloor heating, a room temperature reduction of 2-4 ° C is possible.

The "passive cooling" of the alterra brine / water heat pumps is a very cost-effective way of using the low temperatures in the ground for pleasant and environmentally friendly cooling of the rooms in summer. Excess heat is extracted from the rooms and discharged into the ground.

The existing heating surfaces, such as B. underfloor, wall or ceiling heating can be used as cooling surfaces. In this way, you can create your own personal feel-good climate inexpensively and in an environmentally friendly way, with gentle temperature control and without any disturbing drafts.

With this natural cooling, the heat pump is switched off except for the control and circulation pumps. Only a low power consumption is assumed for the circulation pumps to develop the ground cooling source and the heating. Due to the reduced operation and the use of environmental energy, passive cooling offers a particularly environmentally friendly solution with low operating costs. Another positive side effect is that the ground can regenerate itself through the supplied heat, which leads to an improvement in overall efficiency.

alpha innotec has recognized the trend towards environmentally friendly cooling and offers a wide range of heat pumps especially for passive cooling. In addition, special cooling packages are available for retrofitting some brine / water heat pumps.

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