What are some profound ancient symbols

The secret of the symbols - mysterious and profound

Symbols are mysterious. With symbols we can express what is difficult to put into words and often not understandable. Some symbols resemble a puzzle that can be put together from many small pictures and constantly expanded - we only recognize the big picture in fragments and always find something new. With the help of the laying material, the students understand what a symbol is and become aware of where symbols appear and what these have to do with their personal reality.

The rays of the laying circle can be expanded as required, and there are also free spaces between the individual areas. This makes it clear that the treatment of this subject is never exhausted and will always be sketchy. The colors at the edges of the picture and text cards help with the assignment. Some cards have no border color. The students decide for themselves which topic they fit, apply them to the corresponding color and explain their decision.

In addition to its use as laying material, you can also use this work in many other areas. Each card can be an impetus for further thinking and conversation. Some possibilities are mentioned here:

The members of a group use the symbolic images to:
  • to introduce oneself to each other
  • Express expectations
  • to express a good wish for another person
  • Express feelings
  • To report about an impressive, happy, sad, difficult ... experience
  • to illustrate a text
  • to associate them with a specific topic
  • describe a problem that concerns them

Suggestion for using the impulse images:

All symbol images are laid out. The members of the group are allowed to walk through the room and choose a picture (or several) that “catches their eye” with regard to the above-mentioned topic. After thinking about it for a while, the group exchange takes place.