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Affiliate Marketing: How To Make Money With Product Recommendations!

Affiliate marketing can be found everywhere today and has long been an established marketing solution. Whether product recommendations from influencers or affiliate links from Amazon, everyone has probably come into contact with them. Nowadays, however, the sales model also offers a number of ways to earn money online yourself. Why affiliate marketing works so well is relatively easy to explain.

Surely everyone has already recommended a product or other offer to a friend with which they have had very good experiences. If this person trusts you, they will certainly take a closer look at the offer and possibly buy it. This is exactly why recommendations are so important for companies!

Of course, if you recommend a product to a friend, the company will not generate as much revenue at first. But if they recommend the product and their friends too, it triggers a chain reaction that brings the company many new customers without spending a lot of money on advertising.

And because referrals are so important, many companies pay money for successful customer referrals. The business model behind it is called affiliate marketing. But how exactly does it work?

The Internet has made it possible to process these affiliate transactions almost completely automatically. Today it is possible, with a little preparatory work, to earn money online with affiliate marketing almost passively.

The principle behind it works very simply: People with reach or experience in online marketing look for certain products from an affiliate marketplace. These are then recommended to your own community via the website, advertisements or social media. For every successful referral to a customer, you get a commission, i.e. a share of the sales generated. This means that the more reach you have, the more money you can make.

How does affiliate marketing work?

As an affiliate, i.e. the person who recommends the products, you look for an appealing product via an affiliate marketplace. These are large marketplaces where companies make their products available. Which providers are available here will be dealt with a little later. If you have a larger reach with a blog or on social media, these companies will also come up to you on their own and ask for cooperation.

What is an affiliate link?

Online tracking works, i.e. the tracking of a successful placement, via affiliate links or codes. An affiliate link is a link that is individually tailored to the affiliate and which can be used to trace how many orders have resulted from the recommendation. An affiliate link is usually composed of the link to the product plus the affiliate ID. As a rule, these links are automatically provided via the affiliate platform. www.marke.com/product-AFFILIATE-ID

After you have registered on a marketplace, you can generate an affiliate link for every product and receive a commission for every sale via this link, which depends on the provider and the product. For digital products, the commission is often up to 50% of the sales price. In the case of physical products, such as on Amazon, this is significantly lower. This commission is assigned directly to the affiliate's account and is automatically paid out when a certain amount is reached.

Everyone has certainly seen an action that said "and at the end of the check-out, enter my code XYZ, e.g. to get a 10% discount”. This code is usually not only used for the discount, but also for tracking a successful mediation. This is a popular way for influencers in particular to earn money with affiliate marketing. All sides benefit: the influencer receives a commission, the customer a discount and the company sells its products.

Sounds great at first! All you have to do is provide a link, do a bit of advertising and you will automatically generate money. But it's not that simple. After all, you first need people who even see this link and then ideally click and buy the product. The cornerstones, i.e. the most important tasks in a successful affiliate business, are:

  • Impressions (visibility)
  • Traffic (clicks or visitors)
  • Conversion (purchases)

If you are interested in online marketing and would like to earn money online, you should definitely read on. This article is about the basics of successful affiliate marketing as well as tips for concrete implementation.

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Probably the biggest advantage of affiliate marketing is that you can also start part-time with little start-up capital and little time investment. Of course, you don't generate constant income overnight, it takes time.

You have to be aware that it's mainly about reach. So you need people who listen to the recommendation or trust you. This works on the one hand with targeted online advertising, but also on YouTube, Instagram or a blog. Later more.

Another advantage is that the money is paid out securely, completely automatically. As soon as a customer purchases through the link, a certain amount is allocated to the account.

Affiliate marketing is also important for product providers. Because affiliate marketing is nothing more than another sales opportunity. If you offer a good product with a reasonable affiliate commission, many people will recommend the product and you only have to pay a certain percentage on a successful sale.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved. The affiliate marketer receives commission if he does his job well, the provider of the product makes more sales and the buyer has bought a good product that he may recommend again.

Is Affiliate Marketing Serious?

Affiliate marketing, like many other online marketing opportunities, is often portrayed in a rather poor light. That's probably because affiliate marketing is considered a method by many people get rich quick is pictured. We try to send traffic via an affiliate link with all possible possibilities, without attaching importance to the quality of the content or a real benefit for all sites. This view is extremely short-term and is certainly not the way to go to be successful with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than a completely legitimate sales opportunity that is used by many and large companies. Even Amazon, Europe's largest online marketplace, offers its own affiliate network through which products can be recommended for a commission. In addition to Amazon FBA, the Amazon Affiliate Program offers an interesting opportunity to earn money with Amazon. Because the entire Amazon product range is available to affiliates via the network.

Furthermore, affiliate marketing is also a crucial source of income for YouTubers, bloggers and people with reach who can earn a good part of their income with it.

Affiliate marketing is a huge market. There are companies whose greatest source of income is recommending products. You can search for almost any product and you will find countless test pages on which products are compared with each other. Such test sites or niche sites mostly monetize their reach with affiliate marketing. Via a link, visitors are then redirected to Amazon or other marketplaces, where they can then buy the product.

Instructions: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Before you start promoting products and worrying about reach, you should meet the requirement for any business activity. This means the trade license, i.e. a registered trade.

To do this, you simply make an appointment with your local citizens' office and can register a business for a small fee of 15 to 65 €. A sole proprietorship is best suited for this. Then you get a tax number from the tax office and then you are 100% entitled to earn money independently.

1.) Find your own platform

To advertise products, you need a platform that is regularly visited by potential customers. If you already have a reach via social media or a website, then you can easily integrate affiliate marketing into the existing content. More on this in the next chapter.

But if you are just starting out, so you don't have a reach yet, you should opt for a platform. YouTube and Instagram are of course suitable for this, but your own website can also be a good place to build up a lot of reach in the long term.

Info: With Instagram, it initially takes a little longer before you can really advertise products via the app. This is because you can only link to external websites via stories from 10,000 followers. But you can link Instagram to a website and then post this link in the biography. Until then, only the link in the bio and affiliate codes are available.

But how do you choose the right platform? If photography is your passion, Instagram will likely be a great choice. If you are familiar with editing and video or if you love to be in front of the camera, YouTube is a good place to go. A website is suitable if you like to write and want to deal with online marketing and SEO.

With all of these platforms, time is of the essence. You won't generate traffic overnight. A blog must first be set up and optimized for Google until the first visitors come organically. YouTube and Instagram also take time to get the first views, subscribers and followers.

Everyone is of course free to become active on all platforms over time. At the beginning, however, you should concentrate on one so that you don't lose focus and can produce really qualitative content.

2.) Find a niche and product

In order to build reach through qualitative content, you of course need a topic that you would like to deal with and that has a reasonably large target group. What does a reasonably large target group mean?

For example, if you love to fish, it makes sense to set up an offer around the topic of fishing. For example, fishing is a very large area and has a large target group. So you can assume that it will initially be a little more difficult to position yourself as an expert on the subject of fishing in general. If you only deal with the topic of fishhooks, for example, that would again be too small a topic for good content. So it's best to do something in between - not too general and not too specific.

It is important that you are really interested in a topic and either already know about it or acquire the relevant knowledge. It is best to think about your own interests and hobbies, write them down and consider whether and which content you could produce in this area.

Important: Don't get discouraged and really pull it off, especially at the beginning. Even if the first videos, photos or blog posts do not yet have a high reach. If you produce really high quality content that also helps the prospects, sooner or later you will build a community that will grow exponentially.

As soon as you have some coverage, you can start recommending products. In order to be able to seriously test or recommend products, it is important that you are familiar with the area. It is therefore an advantage if you belong to the target group yourself and have been dealing with the topic for a long time. Here some examples:

  • Soccer: You can compare different balls, recommend the best football boots or introduce the products of well-known players.
  • fishing: You can make videos about fishing techniques or fish species and recommend equipment and link accordingly.
  • Business: If you produce business content, you can, for example, upload book reviews, arrange tickets for events or market courses and coaching. However, the business market is very competitive.

3.) Find the right affiliate program

Do you have a platform, a topic and know what makes the target group tick? Now it's a matter of finding the right partner program for an affiliate collaboration. This decision is really important, because in the end the customers don't buy from the affiliate, but from a cooperation partner. So this has to convince the customers, enjoy trust and be able to process the orders for the products smoothly. Otherwise, it also throws a bad light on the affiliate, because he recommends the partner.

The most famous program is undoubtedly Amazon. The so-called Partner-Net makes it possible to create an affiliate link for any product on Amazon, which you can then post on a YouTube video, for example. So you can also advertise many other products such as recording equipment under videos and contributions.

To become an Amazon Affiliate Partner, you first have to register for free in the partner network. You can find it here: Amazon Partner-Net

After a successful registration you can create a partner link for any product and use it directly. The huge advantage of the Partner-Net over other partner programs is that you receive commission on the customer's entire shopping cart.

This means that if someone clicks on an advertised product and then also orders other products, you receive the full commission (1% - 12% depending on the category) on each product purchased. You always get the money shifted for three months. So if you took € 100 in March, it will be paid out in July.

So that Amazon is definitely the best place to go if you want to recommend physical products of all kinds. In each category you will find thousands of product ideas, so that the material will never run out.

The best-known online marketplace when it comes to digital products is Digistore24. Here you will mainly find online courses, coaching or various tools that can be marketed with, in some cases, a very high commission. But be careful, on Digistore24 you shouldn't just recommend products indiscriminately just because the commission is high. If the offer is not serious or the quality is not right, you endanger the trust of your community and earn less because most customers cancel the product again.

If a customer returns or cancels an order via a link, the commission that has been received has to be paid back to the seller. Marketing bad products with high commissions makes no sense at all, since most customers then cancel the order again.

To avoid this, there are brief step-by-step instructions on how to find a suitable product on Digistore24:

  1. Open the marketplace on Digistore24.
  2. Select the appropriate category.

Now you get suggested different products, which are directly provided with all important key figures.

  1. Check the cart conversion. This number shows the buyer share of the order form visitors. The higher the cart conversion, the better the product is received by interested parties, an important factor.
  2. The cancellation rate should not be too high. In that case, only 1.5% of customers cancel the item after ordering.
  3. Check the seller himself, test his website, research for reviews. The best thing to do is to test the product itself.
  4. When everything is right, you can start thinking about how best to market the product.

Of course there are other affiliate providers besides Digistore24 and Amazon. Many larger companies have their own affiliate program, for example, in which interested parties can either register or apply. If you have found an interesting offer, you should definitely check how serious the provider is. Incidentally, referring existing customers to insurance, services or tools is particularly lucrative. Well-known platforms include Awin and Bellboon.

Different remuneration models

The interesting thing about affiliate marketing is that there are other billing models in addition to the pay-per-sale principle, i.e. remuneration per sale. In the end, you can decide for yourself what is most profitable and adapt the offer exactly to your community.

Lifetime compensation

This model is basically a variant of pay-per-sale. If you convey a product to a customer that he does not buy once but, for example, pays monthly, you get a commission for each monthly payment. This can be really profitable as each additional order means a fixed monthly amount.

But don't forget that subscription products are also the most difficult to sell. Only when the customer is really 100% convinced will he be willing to spend money on a product every month.

Pay per lead

A lead is the generation of customer contact for a company. For example, when a customer registers with their email address to receive more information about a product.

According to this remuneration model, a certain amount is paid out for each contact generated. This model is often used for high-priced or more complex products, as the customer needs further information to make a purchase decision and does not buy spontaneously based on a recommendation.

With pay-per-lead, you lead the preliminary work for sales, so to speak, which usually concludes by telephone. A big advantage, as you are then not dependent on the closing rate of sales.

Pay per click

Pay-per-click, or PPC for short, is the remuneration per click on a link provided. Since the hurdle to click on a link is much lower than, for example, buying a product, the remuneration for the PPC model is also the lowest. This is where sales can be made when a website or social media account has an extremely high range or traffic.

The good thing about this model, however, is that you can easily set it up once and the provider will do the rest. The best known network is probably Google AdSense.

If you have a YouTube channel or a website, you can connect it to AdSense and Google will automatically place user-relevant advertising on the channel. The best example is the video ads before YouTube videos. Every time a visitor clicks on such a video, the person behind the channel receives a certain amount of money on their Google AdSense account. With a lot of coverage, continuous additional income can be generated over a shorter or longer period of time.

In addition to the best-known remuneration models: sale, lead and click, there are also other ways to get paid by companies: pay-per-view, pay-per-sign-up or pay-per-print. Just ask different companies about their affiliate models.

tip: If you have already built up some reach, you can also write to companies and ask about individual affiliate offers. In many cases, you get higher commissions and also benefit from an individual partnership. That means better support and personal care.

How to create high quality content

The foundation of success in affiliate marketing is reach and a community that trusts the affiliate. This can only be achieved with high-quality content, i.e. content on the respective platform.

There are basically three options available for this: video, image and text. YouTube is mainly about videos, Instagram especially about images and the website is about text, which can, however, be decorated with videos and images. The best thing to do is to choose a platform at the beginning, generate reach there and continue to build up your online presence from there.

1. Instagram

Loading pictures on Instagram is not particularly difficult, but can be done in a few minutes. Continuously producing high-quality content, building a community and interacting with it, however, is no longer that easy. From a technical point of view, yes, but you should really put time and energy into the account, otherwise it won't stand out from the crowd.

1. The first step towards high-quality content is an appealing profile. The best way to do this is to use a business account.

tip: The font can be changed using a Unicode text converter like this one: Text converter

Second, of course, you need content. For this it is good to create a plan with all the ideas you have on the topic. It's best to think about how you can package this content in Instagram posts. In addition to simple pictures, you can also post carousel articles (up to 9 pictures in one post), reels or videos.

Important: Provide a planned change in the account. When it comes to fishing, you could, for example, always cook a fish recipe on Mondays, introduce a specific fish on Wednesdays (knowledge) and talk about the right equipment on Fridays.

3. If you have a rough idea for the content (images and text in the caption), it is best to create a plan of how the content can be technically implemented.

With the Canva tool you can, for example, create Instagram posts without having to familiarize yourself with complex programs such as Photoshop. Free stock photos and videos can be found on the Pixabay page. Here you should be creative and find your own style.

There are extremely many repost pages or other anonymous content pages! Since you cannot convince with personal authenticity in such a case, the construction of an anonymous Instagram page is usually a little slower.

2. YouTube

Basically the same is true on YouTube. Most really well-known channels live from the individual character of the producer. So if you don't like to be in front of the camera and do not enjoy video animation or video editing, YouTube may be the wrong platform to start with.

The main difference to Instagram is the long-term nature of the content. An Instagram picture that was uploaded a year ago generates almost no interactions today, while the clicks of a YouTube video can continue to increase in the long term.

This has the advantage that you create content (videos) once and the channel can always benefit from it, while with Instagram you have to continuously bring something new in order to achieve interactions.

Regardless of the topic, every successful YouTube channel requires good technical implementation. Pixelated images, bad sound, shaky cameras or a boring way of conveying the content are not the way to long-term success.

With a good mobile phone camera, a recording device or clip-on microphone and a basic editing program such as iMovie, you can produce content that looks professional.

As with Instagram, you should think carefully about what you want to offer viewers. Is entertainment the main focus or do you want to convey pure knowledge? Tip: try to mix both! This way, the videos don't get boring and the channel is given an individual character.

If the topic is fishing, for example, you can just take your camera with you when you go fishing and document what exactly you are doing. Bring in a bit of expertise every now and then and you have a great YouTube video!

tip: Just look for the topic on YouTube and get inspiration from similar channels. Once you are immersed in the subject, the good content ideas will come all by themselves!

3. Your own website

With your own website, all doors are open when it comes to online marketing and content. A topic blog to start with affiliate marketing is a good choice to start with.

This means that you publish content in the form of blog articles for people who are looking for exactly these topics. The advantage of a website is that you are completely free as far as the design and content of the website are concerned. Once you have reach, you can greatly expand online marketing, e.g. with e-mail newsletters.

Difference between a blog and a niche site

Maybe niche sites are already well known. If not, these are websites that are only designed to promote a specific product or group of products. These pages are heavily dependent on good SEO, i.e. optimization for search engines (Google), as e.g. a vacuum cleaner page can only rank for topics relevant to vacuum cleaners.

A blog, on the other hand, is personal, provides qualitative content and can also build a real fan base in the long term. That is much more valuable than always having to rely on "walk-in customers". So if the topic is fishing, a typical niche site would be e.g. angelhaken-vergleich.de, on which one then compares the 20 best fishing hooks and provides important information about them. With a blog you have a lot more options and can integrate such comparison pages into a website.

tip: With tools like WordPress, anyone can create a good blog with relatively little work. To do this, you first have to register a domain with a host (e.g. site ground) and then link it to WordPress. Since detailed instructions would go far beyond the scope of this article, you will find detailed step-by-step instructions here: Instructions for creating a website

Of course, when you have the skeleton of a website, it's about producing content. The best way to do this are blog articles, i.e. texts on relevant topics in which you convey your knowledge.

In order for people to find a blog, you shouldn't just start writing on it, but research the topics well beforehand. This includes precise keyword research and an analysis of the competing articles, because your own content should be better in order to rank better on Google.

tip: The Ahref tool can be used to carry out extensive keywod research and also to check the articles of the competition. So you know pretty quickly whether the finished text has the potential to rank high on Google. If you want to learn more about this topic in general, you can stop by Neil Patel's blog. There you can also find a free keyword analysis tool.

As soon as the first article is out, you can start building links. The goal behind this is to place as many links as possible to your own website on other pages (another important factor in SEO). Also try to cooperate with other blogs, to set links in forums or to find other ways to get links from other pages to your own website without filling the internet with spam.

Then it's time to be patient. Especially if you are still familiar with the topic of SEO (search engine optimization), it will take a while at the beginning with the visitors. But if you stick with it and expand your knowledge of SEO and online advertising in addition to good content, nothing stands in the way of success.

Monetize content with affiliate marketing

Have you found a platform and a topic and maybe you have already created the first content? Now the task is to monetize the content with affiliate links. You have different options:

YouTube: The easiest way is to promote products in the video description. These products can either be mentioned in the videos or product tests can also be published. Best to ask what the community might be interested in?

PPC monetization on YouTube can be activated as soon as a channel has generated 4,000 hours of watch time and 1,000 subscribers in a year.

Instagram: Only the link in the biography is available on Instagram. If you have 10,000 subscribers or more, you can create stories that redirect the user to another website.

Website: In blog texts, for example, corresponding words can be linked to links that lead to an Amazon product, for example. For example, if you write ... this fish hook is especially good for ... you can use the word fishing hook provided with a link to the corresponding product.

Listings work pretty well on websites too, as this is what many people search for. For example, one can write an article about bring out the 20 best fishing hooks and thus would have 20 advertised products without it being intrusive.

When you have already made some money with it and notice that there is particularly high demand for a product. Can you consider selling the product through your own brand and Amazon FBA? The big advantage here is that you can be sure that you can draw visitors to the product. One must not forget that with every affiliate sale, the seller of the product earns significantly more than the affiliate. A good product of your own brings more income in the long term! How to successfully sell a product on Amazon is explained step-by-step here: Instructions for Amazon FBA.

Important: Advertising should never be in the foreground, but the content. The user should not have the feeling that he is only finding advertising on the platform. First of all, it's about reach and that can only be achieved in the long term with good content. So test products critically, always stay honest.

In order to be legally on the safe side, the links on every platform should also be marked as affiliate links. The links can be marked with an asterisk, for example (see picture above) and a corresponding note can be formulated below.

,,* The links marked with an asterisk are affiliate links. This means that if you order something via this link, I get a small share of the sales. So you can support my work without having to pay more for it.

Receive the first commission

Sooner or later, the first person will click the link and buy a product. As soon as that happens, a corresponding amount will be credited to the affiliate account.

When you reach the platform's payout minimum, you get the money transferred to your account. At Digistore it is € 50 for the first payout, at Amazon € 25 per payout.

In order to actually get money, you have to have successfully registered a business and be able to show a tax number or sales tax ID. With these numbers you can prove that you are paying your taxes properly in Germany. It is probably easiest to start with a sole proprietorship, which means the least amount of effort.

If the income is below € 9,000 a year, you don't have to worry about taxes at first. Everything below this amount is within the tax-free limit that can be earned per year.

If you want to learn more about taxes, you will find an article on exactly this topic here: Taxes at Amazon FBA (even if Amazon FBA is the topic, the same tax rules apply to affiliate marketing)

Additional tip: out-of-the-box affiliate marketing method

If you don't want to produce any content, have a little start-up capital and are familiar with performance marketing, you can also market your first products exclusively through advertisements. But how does it work?

This method requires a basic understanding of how Facebook and Google Ads work. So paid advertisements on Google and Facebook including Instagram. If you're not familiar with it, you're just burning money and likely not generating any income or making too little income.

Step 1: Learn how to properly advertise on Google and / or Facebook.

Step 2: Decide on a topic that you would like to deal with or in which you see great potential.

Step 3: Write or have someone write an e-book about 20 pages long on the subject. It should convey practical knowledge and offer the reader real added value. The whole thing can be written in Word or OpenOffice, for example, and provided with pictures, instructions and tips.

Step 4: Include affiliate links in the document. Links can be added to words in any text document. Search for relevant pages and generate product links. In the best case, you recommend products directly in the text so that it doesn't come across as advertising.

Step 5: Load all of the text into a Google Text document. You can easily create this via Google Drive (+ New> Doc File).

Step 6: Format the text so that it is a finished e-book. Then release the document to: Anyone who has this link is Viewer. (Not released for editing)

Step 7: Further market advertisements and the e-book. The ads can be provided with the Google Docs link, which leads to the e-book, in which there are corresponding affiliate links.

Tip: Practical instructions work better than pure informational text. e.g. Step-by-step instructions: make your own bait

Danger: Ads can be really frustrating at first. Patience is definitely required here. Over time, however, you will have a better understanding of how ads work and which ads are successful.

3 bonus tips for affiliate marketing

1. Affiliate Challenges

Many product sellers regularly run affiliate campaigns in which affiliate marketers receive, for example, a higher commission over a short period of time. Many also link this to a challenge in which the winner, i.e. the affiliate with the most product sales, wins a prize. Such campaigns are not only an opportunity to make a little more sales quickly, but also offer reach and awareness.

2. Keep track of things

Over time you have of course linked a lot of products in your content, which can quickly become confusing. It is best to make a table in which you document exactly which products have been linked where. You should go through these from time to time and check whether the products are still available or up-to-date. Otherwise it can happen that an outdated version or an outdated information product is marketed.

3. Test the products yourself

Of course, you can find a lot of useful information about a product via customer reviews and the supplier's website. Nevertheless, it can be helpful to order the product yourself. This is particularly important for digital products, as it allows you to test the ordering process once. The speed of the website, ease of use and various payment options are points to look out for. The better the check-out is optimized, the fewer customers will cancel during the order process.

Conclusion - affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is, in theory, an easy way to make money online.But if you really want to be successful in the long term, the qualitative content comes first.

A community that trusts you and likes to consume and share the content will increase the income from affiliate marketing enormously. As with any other business, it is ultimately patience that leads to success.

The first advertisements are unlikely to generate any sales yet. Even the first posts, videos or blog posts will not just appear at the top of the ranking. The most important thing is to continue, because at some point the video will come, which generates a lot of clicks, at some point you will write the crucial blog article or find an advertising strategy that works.

When this moment is reached, the hardest part is over and you can go on to fine-tune your strategy.

Building a business solely with affiliate marketing does not promise great success in the long term. Ultimately, you are always dependent on the products of other companies. Anyone who wants to build up a company in the long term is better served with their own products. A good way to start with relatively little start-up capital is Amazon FBA.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

• What is Affiliate Marketing?

The principle behind affiliate marketing is the successful placement of customers, leads or sales for another company. For each successful referral, the affiliate receives a predetermined fee, which can be assigned to him, for example, via a user-specific link and which is paid out by the product provider.

• How does affiliate marketing work?

The affiliate or agent usually chooses an attractive product via an affiliate network, which he would like to market for another company. He now receives an individual link for this product so that the affiliate can be assigned a commission for every successful purchase via this link.

• How Much Can You Earn With Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an extremely large industry in which anything between two and seven-digit sales is possible. It depends very much on the personal goal and starting capital of the affiliate.

• Is affiliate marketing serious?

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than a sales opportunity for companies. This has always been used by really many and also very large companies, such as Amazon.

• What do you need for affiliate marketing?

To successfully operate affiliate marketing you need a product or several products that you want to advertise. These products must then also be actively advertised via advertisements or a platform. Platforms on which you can build a reach include, for example, YouTube, Instagram or your own blog.