Any teenage relationship is bad

First love at school: That's eight "no-gos" for teenage couples

The first love: This is where happiness and pride in having found a partner mix. If the new friend is also at the same school, couples often forget everything around them. For a happy relationship, however, you also need friends and freedom.

The best friend feels neglected, the classmates watch the new couple suspiciously. For many young people, having their first boyfriend or girlfriend is the first step into the adult world. And that's not always easy. "You first have to learn to lead a relationship," says Karin Jacob from the Federal Conference for Educational Advice and Counselor at the SOS Family Center in Berlin. Those who bypass these eight no-gos will enjoy their first love without much arguments and whispering at school.

1. Not standing with each other:

Teenagers shouldn't keep the new relationship a secret. They should tell friends openly that there is still someone who is important to them. It is quite normal for everyone to look at school at the beginning, says Nina Pirk from the youth telephone "number against grief" in Wuppertal.

2. Isolate yourself in the schoolyard as a couple:

Joint school breaks and activities with classmates help not to isolate yourself as a couple. After a breakup, you're otherwise alone, says Stefan Drewes from the Professional Association of German Psychologists. Posture is also important. The couple shouldn't just be hugging each other.

3. Show your love demonstratively:

Even if new lovers like to show their affection to the whole world, they should be cautious about doing so in school. The provocative signal "We are a great couple" would take revenge later in the event of difficulties, explains Drewes. This includes demonstrative cuddling to show everyone how great you are because you have a friend. That could offend single friends and even endanger friendship.

4. Neglect friends:

Everyone should cultivate their own friendships and hobbies and take exclusive time for them - without their partner. Pirk advises, for example, to spend one fixed afternoon during the week with only your best friend. Doing everything together overloads the partnership because all needs have to be met by one person.

5. Narrow the partner:

Young people should support and respect each other when their partner doesn't have time, says Klaus Seifried from the School Psychological Counseling Center in Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Berlin. The relationship should advance both of them, not restrict them and make them dependent.

6. Send intimate photos as proof of love:

Lovers shouldn't get carried away by sending half-naked photos to their partner. Because it is unclear what happens to the photos after a breakup, says Drewes.

7. Discuss no limits:

The school is a public place. The couple should decide together where their shame line is and what they want to show in public. Young people first have to ask their partner before they post a couple photo on Facebook or WhatsApp, says Jacob.

8. Incite classmates in an argument: