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First vaccination: long waiting lists - the country appeased

Status: 14.05.2021 3:02 p.m.

Despite the controversial stop for first vaccinations, the state government of Lower Saxony assumes that most of the deadlines will be met as planned. The municipalities expect longer waiting times.

"We do not expect that large-scale vaccinations will have to be canceled that were already scheduled and stored with vaccine," said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health on Friday. However, as announced, the focus is shifting more to the second vaccinations. According to the information, there will be only 57,000 first vaccinations in the vaccination centers nationwide next week. However, almost 600,000 people were recently on the waiting list.

Counties fear a significant increase in the waiting list

In many municipalities, the prioritization of second vaccinations causes a lack of understanding. The Rotenburg (Wümme) district, for example, announced that it would only receive 1,200 doses of AstraZeneca for initial vaccinations in the next few weeks. The vaccines from Biontech and Moderna, on the other hand, are only allowed to be used for second vaccinations. As a result, the waiting list of around 14,000 people can no longer be processed. By opening up to people from the group with priority 3, which will take place in three waves by the end of May, the list will even grow significantly. All people on the waiting list would therefore have to be prepared for a longer waiting time.

Rotenburg district administrator calls for equal treatment of vaccination centers

"The inquiries that arrive at the district show that many people are impatient and want to be vaccinated," said District Administrator Hermann Luttmann (CDU). It is incomprehensible that the well-functioning vaccination centers, which could run at full base load, receive less vaccine than the general practitioners and company doctors. "I expect the federal and state governments to treat vaccination centers, resident doctors and company doctors on an equal footing, so that we can continue vaccinating quickly," said Luttmann.

District administrators and mayors write to Behrens

Similar sounds come from the district of Oldenburg, where around 9,500 people are currently on the waiting list. "The situation is more than annoying, because the vaccination center with its committed employees works very efficiently. It is only due to the lack of vaccine supply," said District Administrator Carsten Harings (non-party). To put the vaccination campaign on many foundations is definitely the right thing to do, stressed Harings. However, it should not be possible to reduce the occupancy rate of the vaccination centers because of the involvement of general practitioners. Together with his counterparts, Haring's Minister of Health Daniela Behrens (SPD) wants to draw attention to the problem. In a letter, the district administrators and mayors urgently request that the state influence the federal government and demand an adequate supply of vaccines.

For now, focus on second vaccinations

After the sluggish start of the vaccination campaign, the state government decided to reduce the reserves for second vaccinations in order to make faster progress with the first vaccinations. In the meantime, however, many people first have to get their second injection before there is enough vaccine for all new vaccinators. Only from the beginning of June should more first vaccinations be possible again, it said on Wednesday. The opposition reacted indignantly and spoke of a "vaccination debacle".

Out for vaccination centers probably at the end of September

The vaccination centers are meanwhile to be replaced more and more by the doctor's offices. "When the federal government set up the vaccination centers last year, it clearly communicated that this is a facility in the context of crisis management and that the vaccination centers will be active on a temporary basis," said the ministry spokeswoman. "The vaccination centers will be financed by the federal government until September 30th and will be supplied with vaccines for at least that long." After that, the doctor's offices are likely to be able to take over the vaccination campaign on their own. In view of the number of vaccinations from the practices, it is not to be expected that the deadline for the vaccination centers will be extended any further, said the spokeswoman.



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