What is really important for a happy life

12 happy life tips that really work

Happiness belongs to those who are self-sufficient. Because all external sources of happiness and enjoyment are by their nature highly insecure, unpleasant, transitory and subject to chance. - Arthur Schopenhauer

You will probably agree with me when I say that a happy life is not that easy to achieve.

Otherwise more people would be walking through the area beaming with joy.

But what many people do not know: A happy life is like riding a bike.

We checked once how it goes, then we can do it all our lives - effortlessly and naturally.

There are only a few small things to consider.

In this article, I'll show you the top 12 tips for a happy life - applicable immediately.

Take off the training wheels and set off into a more fulfilling life.

Table of Contents: This is what awaits you in this article

1. Have goals

Everyone has goals - but unfortunately, many people make their goals unhappy.

It should actually be the other way around ...

Having and pursuing goals should make you happy.

In order for it to be so, you have to pay attention to one important thing.

Don't make your happiness dependent on your goals.

Develop a joyful serenity and relaxation with your goals. By the way, this is not to be confused with one "I don't care about anything" - Attitude.

On the contrary: relaxation brings you into the flow and in the flow you reach your goals much more effectively and at the same time with joy.

So you won't be happy just when it gets there in the end (and unhappy if not) - you will be happy all the time.

Another nice side effect is that with this setting you get the wrong goals lets go completely automatically.

Look in your life: Where do goals create pressure that doesn't feel good to you? Practice letting go.

2. Become aware of your power

Scientists were able to find out: It is not life circumstances that make you happy, but the inner conviction to be able to deal with this life effectively.

But more and more people are losing this conviction. They have no confidence in their own strength. So they give up responsibility (to politics, the employer, the social network).

They rely on other people (and institutions) to take care of them.

"The wages are barely enough to live on ..."

First of all, that's pleasant. We can blame others for our miseries. But does that bring you something?

But in the long run, it will make you unhappy. Because you no longer feel that you have it under control, but become the plaything of the circumstances.

Become aware of your strength again. Take more responsibility for your life again.

3. Routine makes you unhappy

Some people are like that fearfulthat they live in a very narrow corridor.

  • Always the same way to work
  • Always the same tasks at work
  • Always the same people and the same conversations after work
  • Always the same food
  • Always the same activities on the weekend

Bring variety into your life. Take a different route to work. Take a class in something you don't already know. Get to know other people there. Read about topics you have no clue about.

Get out of your comfort zone regularly and do things that suit you a little scared do. You will be rewarded with a feeling of incredible freedom and relaxation.

Why do you ask yourself?

Because you learn through experience that you can easily deal with all challenges in life. So what are you afraid of?

4. Don't run away from yourself

I am firmly convinced that: The stronger someone in a direction runs, the more is in the other direction something he wants to escape from.

I'll make it short ...

Do you want a long-term happy life have to you look the other way. Only if you deal with your shadows and consciously dissolve them will the way to more light in your life be free.

But we avoid that for far too long (through distraction, drugs, medication, other people, ...)

But the earlier you start, the better. Take time for yourself. Feel everything. Look at it and not look away.

Learn a conscious approach with your feelings. Let go of it at the end and very important - don't overwhelm yourself. Your subconscious always shows you exactly what you should deal with.

Trust. Everything falls into place at the right time.

5. Help others

Without social contact, people break down. Also (or straight) In this self-centered world, caring for others makes you happy.

Important prerequisite for this: Develop true appreciation for others.

When I have another just help with it I mecan feel good afterwards, then that is not only disrespectful, but also leads to little good.

Learn to help people with no ulterior motives. Look around and see where someone can use help - and then give your help. Just like that and without anything in return.

Whether you are giving money to someone in need with good intentions or repairing the neighbour's child's bike or other people (like me) volunteered in supports their professional and personal development is not important.

Find something that suits you and then do it.

6. Find out values ​​and live by them

Another very important foundation that far too many people neglect: Your own orientation towards personal values.

Even worse…

Many people do not even know their values, let alone that they are guided by them. So be aware of the following things to think about:

  • What is you important in life?
  • How do you want to live
  • What a human do you want to be

The best thing to do is to take out a pen and paper and write it out completely. Ask yourself this question again at regular intervals and modify your text.

The most important: Align yourself to your values. Get up every day with the intention of living by your values.

Don't put yourself under pressure at the same time. You don't have to Be 100% perfect. It's about a tendency. This feeling gives you direction in life. You orientate yourself on inner values ​​instead of chasing after external rewards - feel good.

7. Be active: wish for a happy life

Many people think that happiness will fall on their heads at some point. A few more years suffer and then the time has finally come and all problems will vanish into thin air.

I don't like to do it but unfortunately I have to take this illusion away from you.

Because happiness is first and foremost a conscious decision. It rarely falls from the sky. You can just as easily bet that my club Hannover 96 will become German champions.

Is possible, but will probably not work :(

To a happy life to guide we must first choose for luck.

The first step there: Wish you a happy day every morning.

Stop pondering tomorrow about what is today certainly everything will go wrong.

Instead, wish you a happy day.

Wishing you:

  • fulfilling encounters with other people
  • Success with what you set out to do
  • Wish you had a relaxed commute to work

Train your imagination instead of letting external stimuli stimulate you for hours. Imagine these things in large, colorful pictures and feel the results.

8. Rethink materialism

Has the cell phone that you bought 4 years ago, still affect your happiness?

Or has it even caused a bad mood in the meantime because it no longer works as it should and you have to spend a lot of money on a new one (what you but this time for sure will make you happy)?

Many people run one nicer apartment, the next vacation, the chic watch or the latest mobile phone afterwards - in an eternal pursuit of contentment.

But do you know anyone who has ever achieved this goal? Not me. It's an eternal race: Brief highs - flattening - disappointment - search for the next high.

I do not advise you to forego consumption, even though I lead a very minimalist life.

Consumption in itself is not bad. To expect the newest thing to make us happy but yes.

Reflect and see where you think external, material things would make you happy and let go of this expectation. The happiness you can find here is always a flash in the pan.

9. Think back to the moment

There is in this life Nothing, except the here and now. Nevertheless, we spend what feels like 99% of our time in the past and the future

  • We feel bad because we worry about the future.
  • We repent of the past and suffer.

But the only point you can be happy is now. Even if you imagine how you will be happy in the future, you are thinking about it right now.

So learn to get back into the moment.

A first step there: If you do something, do it. And only that.

When washing your hands, be present with the warm water instead of thinking about work.

When running, pay attention to the contact between the soles of your feet and the ground - instead of listening to music and at the same time Staring at the cell phone.

P.S. This mindfulness can be trained consciously. Here you will find 37 simple mindfulness exercises that will help you bring back more to the moment.

The basis for many mindfulness exercises is a relaxed state. If you are still feeling very restless inside, relaxation exercises can prepare you for it very well.

10. Contact with you: trust your intuition

We live in a mind-centered society. Many people are cut off from their feelings. They try to regulate their lives exclusively rationally.

But there are more levels than just the rational. Every person has an inner wisdom that gives him invaluable tips what's right for him.

But what do we do?

Not listening.

I bet you've had a situation in which you too actually knew exactly what was right for you - and then you got yourself but decided otherwise.

Afterwards came the inevitable: "I knew it…"

Learn to get in touch with your intuition again for a happy life. Take more time again, inside to feel, Instead of getting lost in endless brooding.

Again, allow yourself to pay more attention to these impulses and, in the end, to trust them more.

P.S. You can find more information on how to strengthen your intuition here.

11. Flow

Go with the flow. Who does that really mean something? How does it work?

You immerse yourself in the flow of life when you let go.

If you hold on and resist, you will catapult yourself out of the flow in a high arc.

Life is constantly sending you lessons, opportunities, and opportunities for growth.

But how much of it do you consciously perceive? I'll assume you don't even notice 95% of them and defend yourself against the rest.

A small example: You want to change your life because you are dissatisfied.

At first you are in a good mood, but soon life sends you a good portion Afraid of the future.

For many people, the point has now come where they abandon their plan. you want to not feel the fear and therefore stay where they are.

You are not taking advantage of the opportunity to grow. You are not consciously dealing with the feeling. They don't thank life for being them "That damn fear again" sends, but quarrel with their fate and go into resistance.

Living in the flow means accepting everything that comes your way and welcoming it. It is said "Yes" to say about all what life has in store for you.

If you open yourself to everything that life gives you, you will lead a happy life. You realize that everyone "Unpleasant" Things come into your life for a very specific reason - to help you grow.

Once you have checked that, everything suddenly makes sense and everything starts to flow. Give yourself more to it.

12. Don't take yourself too seriously

Laughing makes you ...? Correct. It does happy. One shortcut to a happier life is laughter.

About yourself, about coincidences, about your own failure, about your insecurities and weaknesses.

A loving, accepting laugh can take so much tension out of life and bring relaxation and happiness.

Laughing is a habit. Lots of people have gotten used to it badly. After all, we have to be serious and move forward.

Of course we want to move forward. But why not have fun with it. This makes the process easier and leads us to our goal more easily.

Try it out right away. Start grinning now and keep that grin on your face for a minute. How does that feel? :)

Extra tip: let go

Holding on means tension (physically and emotionally) - Letting go means relaxation.

Holding on means suffering. Letting go means living happily. Unfortunately, a lot of people hold onto their entire lives.

The past, the perfect future, your negative feelings, fears, worries, mistakes, beliefs, evaluations, ...

  • Learn to let go again.
  • Surrender to life.
  • Develop confidence in this life.
  • Give up control.

How does that work, you ask yourself? Let go of this question too, plan to let go more and life will send you the answers - when you can really trust him.

Now it's your turn

I would be very interested in what makes you live happily. Write me yours directly Top 3 in the comments. I'm curious.

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