What does an upside down pineapple mean?

The crux of the identification marks that nobody is allowed to recognize ...

Every proper self-respecting secret society has them and uses them, as does the swinger community. In the history of mankind there have always been attempts by swingers to discreetly identify themselves.

One of the first known (but not confirmed) symbols was the fish. This stood for tolerance and love for one's neighbor, but was very quickly occupied by another splinter group as its own symbol and the very own symbolism was lost a little over the centuries.

Via the Silk Road routes of the Far East, another symbol moved into the Teutonic bedrooms - the ginkgo leaf (identification mark swinger ??). In the meantime, it was so popular that even Goethe let himself be carried away and dedicated his own poem to this symbol of "friendship" ( Links only for members)

“This leaf of the tree, the one from the east
Entrusted to my garden,
Gives a secret sense to taste,
How it builds those who know "

The symbolism is clear and unambiguous, Goethe's swingers have not yet found their way into literary studies - there was a lack of further evidence.

In recent times it has unfortunately turned out that the ginkgo has experienced an annoying double occupancy as an additional symbol of fertility (links only for members) and let's be honest, if a swinger doesn't need one, it is extraordinary fertility. Since then, this small, fine swinger plant has been criminally neglected and taken care of.

But the Circle of Life implies: where something dies, something new has to come into being. And a circle - a ring to find them and tie them as a swinger - is also something pretty. Now a gold, silver or platinum ring is not a particularly reliable identification mark - especially among the female population, which is why an agreement has been reached on a black ring on the right hand (links only for members). It's chic and not everyone has it. Yes, not everyone, except for a small Gallic village called "Asexuality", whose residents have chosen the black ring on the middle finger of their right hand as their coat of arms (links only for members). While the swinger life in society is already like walking a tightrope of acceptance,
At this point there is also the risk of the wrong finger. You don't even want to imagine the misunderstanding.

A little anecdote about this:
Prince William also has such a black ring (links only for members), but while it is proven not to be a-sexual, it is difficult to get information about a possible swinger activity from Buckingham Palace. Some media even claim that it's just an Oura brand fitness tracker - how boring.

So, back to the drawingboard!
Perhaps it is more promising to introduce identifying marks in a small, local context and to prevent confusion - which will inevitably arise globally. Just like a resourceful holidaymaker on the piglet beach in Aschau.
Whose approach is based solely on pragmatism (links for members only)

He points to his T-shirt, indicating that he has put it on the wrong way round. "This is a distinguishing mark. I am offering a point of contact, showing that I want to be addressed. According to the motto: 'Hey, you there, you have your T-shirt on the wrong way round!'


I used to be laughed at for it at school, today I wear it with conviction and wink conspiratorially at the ladies.

Some other local identifiers are pink flamingos and garden gnomes in the front yard (links for members only). This shows how big and diverse the swinger community is if you look under the carpet of our society. And while Germany once again excels through the fragmentation of small-scale front and allotment gardens, the Statue of Liberty of Swingers is visible from afar in Nanoose Bay in Canada (links only for members).

So now another attempt to establish universally valid what does not apply to the general public - a swing, stylized almost beyond recognition!?! No, I'd rather stick with the guy who turns his T-shirt inside out so that at least someone speaks to him.