Narcissists are quick to forget their exes

Why do narcissists seek contact with their ex?

Why do narcissists seek contact with their ex even when the relationship is over? Are there specific reasons for this, or is it just because they are "narcissists"? But what does that mean ...

For 'normal' people, the end of the relationship really means the end of a time together and belongs to the past. Narcissists think differently, however, they usually cannot and do not want to look the truth in the eyes.

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They try to camouflage it as skillfully as possible and also narcissists show themselves at their best when they seek contact with the ex.

And because narcissists are "narcissists" and need to be in control always and everywhere, they also want control in the "relationship after the relationship".

You approach the matter slowly and systematically. First they try little things: a call, a message, a like on Instagram, ...But don't be mistaken, there is nothing good behind it and nothing good can come of it.

Narcissists always have a reason they seek post-relationship contact with the ex and that means they can play the role of the scapegoat. When they contact you, they pretend they are sad, alone and have no one to speak to ...

But believe me, these are all excuses you shouldn't fall for. Malicious narcissists who seek contact with their ex for a relationship definitely don't need a conversation or someone to listen to, they need something material or even sex, which is often the case.

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But don't be naive - there is a good reason why the ex-partner is your ex-partner and why they have the prefix EX in the first place.

You don't want to be with this person anymore, you don't need this person in your life ... and then he comes back, looks for contact as if nothing had happened.

Sex with the ex-partner?

Usually only narcissistic people ask for this. They want to prove that they can still control their former partner and that they have power over their lives.

With such steps, narcissists want to recharge their batteries and make the already enormous self-confidence even greater. They want to prove that they are still capable of ending up with the ex-partner. If they get what they wanted, they no longer need you, of course until the next desire.

Narcissists are like drug addicts, if the effect lasts, they are in a good mood and do not need anything, they can handle everything.

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But when the effect wears off, they look for you, need you so that they can get confirmation that they can wrap you around their little fingers. But when the narcissists are unsuccessful and the ex-partner no longer wants them, they look for someone who wants to have sex, they go to parties, they drink, they look for new victims.

Narcissists are people who cannot find inner peace, people who are not very clear about themselves. They feed their lonely soul through the abuse of other people.

They have no interest in the ex-partners' feelings, they are so selfish that they treat other people like dolls, sad but true.

In some cases, narcissists can become better people, but that's rarely the case. Only a few of them see their mistakes after the breakup and try to make the best of themselves.

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Only the few narcissists leave their ex alone and devote themselves to their single life. As I said, all of this happens rarely or in dreams. The reality looks very different ...

Why do narcissists seek contact with the ex and can one get rid of him for good?

After the breakup, narcissists get worse, meaner, more selfish. They become aggressive and even if the ex-partner has nothing to do with the breakup, the narcissist wants to take revenge on him.

The breakup is the best occasion for narcissistic people to blame the partner for everything. He enjoys accusing others of holding you responsible for anything that wasn't good. People of weak character still believe that too; they believe their narcissistic partner is right.

You start to feel shit about it. You think you were a bad partner yourself and you weren't able to have a good relationship yourself.

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But you mustn't think that way. You have to stay strong and not believe a word he says. He just wants confirmation that he can still seduce you.

He wants to prove to himself that he can do anything he wants to you. And if he doesn't succeed, he'll look for other means to get at you ...

How does a narcissist deal with the breakup?

If you no longer want to be in contact with your narcissistic ex-boyfriend, he will find other ways to get to you and make your life harder.

E.g. after the breakup, many narcissists seek contact with their mutual friends or even only with your friends. Narcissists want everyone in your circle of friends to think they are the best and the only good guys in history.

And because of this, you always need to be one step ahead of narcissists. Talk to your friends and let those who know you well know exactly who is the bad guy in the whole story.

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Through all of the lying and acting all the time, narcissists actually start to believe that they are not lying, they really start to think that they are telling the truth. You play the role so well that it looks like real reality.

Narcissists do not notice their own weaknesses. In their own world they are perfect and no one can stand in their way.

The only good thing about it is that you can usually know in advance what narcissists are going to do next. The steps of the narcissistic ex boyfriend are easy to guess.

You just have to concentrate and not fall for their scam, that's the most important thing, otherwise, you can already imagine what is in store for you. However, as in other areas, there are exceptions here as well. Some narcissists are very smart and have everything under control, so it's really hard to stay one step ahead of them all the time.

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Narcissists seek contact with the ex when no one is there for him

The "stupid" ex can always be reached - that's what he thinks. Just a few nice words and everything is settled. Even if the narcissist may already have a new girlfriend, this is not a reason or an obstacle for him to contact the ex-girlfriend.

He seeks contact with the ex when the new one gets bored - it's that easy for him and the worst part is, he thinks nothing of it. In his head, he's doing everything right.

If you are the ex-girlfriend and ask yourself, "Why do narcissists seek contact with the ex?" then you have to know that he is doing this to take advantage of you - very simple. At least that's what he'll try because he thinks you're still there for him and that your whole world revolves around him. You should prove him exactly the opposite.

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The narcissistic ex-partner gets lost in his frustration and wants to relive the old habits. He contacts the ex-partner and hopes that she still wants him.

The narcissist wants to have a good relationship with the ex even after the breakup, because he needs someone like her in emergency situations and he wants to be prepared for such situations. And don't think that you are the only one, he probably has other exes with whom he is in contact.

When the one just can't, he turns to the other. One is good for talking and the other for hot nights.

If you cannot completely forget the ex-partner and still have some feelings for him, you are fertile ground for the narcissistic ex-boyfriend. One seductive message will be enough to lure you into the bedroom.

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He thinks that it is not worth approaching new women, that it is more expensive, and that it is not one hundred percent sure that it will work. The lighter variant is of course the Ex.

She is always available, the narcissist thinks. But that can also be the truth, because some ex-girlfriends who are still emotionally attached to their ex narcissistic boyfriend are happy when they hear something from him.

You think he has changed and you immediately give him another chance. If the ex realizes this, he takes advantage of it and shows himself on his best side.

He shows compassion and assures you that it won't be like it used to be and that he is different now. But all of this is just a bad plan and very good acting skills.

After you give the narcissist some signs, he won't stop, he tries over and over again.

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Even if all of this means only one thing to the narcissist, guess what? - Sex, of course, means something completely different for the partner, she thinks that he is a different person now and will not make the same mistakes again. He doesn't do that either, but only for the first time, until he has you completely under control again.

Narcissists are addicting

Are narcissists addicting us? Is that right or wrong?

There are different theories, some think that this is not the truth and others who have experienced this stand by the theory. But that can only be known by people who were themselves the "victim" of a narcissist.

The narcissist gives you something you need, you long for him. And while he gives you all of that, he takes it back too. The narcissistic person is not like a normal man who gives you everything and stands by you.

He gives you everything and promises a lot more, but only for a short time, and only until he has your love and trust back.

Surely you understand by now why a narcissistic ex-boyfriend is addicting. You want to feel this feeling that he gives you over and over again, even though you know that it won't last forever.

Everything is fake and staged. Like any addiction, it is not good either. You only feel better for the moment, it can't be good in the long run. But you can get rid of addiction, and quite simply: with self-love. It doesn't sound difficult, does it?

If you love yourself, the right people will love you too, you will no longer need a narcissist in your life.

Of course, it's hard to spot a narcissist at the beginning of the relationship, especially when you're in love and seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses. For this reason, you should always be a bit skeptical and not believe everything your partner says.

Of course, don't overdo it with skepticism, but don't leave anything to chance either.

A narcissist always needs way too much attention, and this is exactly what you should pay attention to. These toxic people want only one thing, admiration. They want everyone's attention to be on them even after the relationship ends.

Narcissists have a precise plan for how to control and manipulate you.

Narcissists keep trying to get in touch with their ex because they are afraid of losing control. And they know exactly who is weak and who can serve as a playing surface for them.

The toxic ex-partner cannot bear it when the partner wants to start a new life, so he makes it difficult for her. Even if you can hardly believe it: such people actually do exist.

The narcissists contact the ex because they are cold and not afraid of hurting anyone. You don't care if the girlfriend is sad or hurt.

Narcissists have no need to really help, but when they do, they expect something in return from you. And if you ask your narcissistic ex-partner why they do such nasty and toxic things, you won't get an answer. You might get one too, but it's not true.

Narcissists have a special way of making you feel guilty. They criticize and make minor comments about things we might be doing wrong.

Narcissists confront their partners with things that they themselves are likely to be uncomfortable with, making you feel ashamed of something you didn't do in the first place. Narcissists believe that the world and the ex-girlfriend don't work without him.

A narcissist thinks that the ex can't get along without him and is lost even though he hasn't given her good. But if the relationship with the narcissistic ex works, you always want more, but you have no inner peace and satisfaction.

The narcissistic ex-partner wants to find out everything through texting, he wants to know your weaknesses and then take advantage of all the information gathered.

He takes advantage of the weakest moment and attacks. You should be careful, don't let it happen, he just wants him to be fine and that will never change, narcissists are like that. As I said, they're good actors and nothing more.

And finally, if you are in such a situation and don't know what to do next, think about the reasons that led to the narcissist's end of the relationship.

The reasons that hurt you, that you didn't sleep. You have to travel together and try to be strong, this is the only way you can defeat the narcissistic ex-partner and get rid of it forever.

He will try over and over, but don't give him the pleasure, he doesn't deserve it. He will only take advantage of you and control you. You are just food for his ego, but someone has to put an end to him and that can be you.

The narcissists' lies have no limits, they are ready to do anything to get there. Some also use the most miserable tricks, such as faking an illness.

Narcissists become more and more professional in manipulating other people, they learn new methods that they impatiently try. You should be ready for anything and don't let yourself be surprised.

Avoid these people, there is no better tip. Every reaction they get from you gives them more motivation to move on. You can close the circle, there shouldn't be any more victims who suffer because of a narcissistic ex-partner.

It can go a long way. The narcissist doesn't give up easily, but when he does then you can be proud.

Because stopping and getting rid of a narcissist is not an easy task. Live your life, don't be like them. Only if you do not seek revenge can you be sure that you are healed and in the end that is the most important thing.

The truth is, narcissistic ex-boyfriends can't stand the happiness of their ex-partner and that's why you should laugh and be happy. Find a person who awakens the most beautiful in you, with whom you can have fun in every moment.

With narcissists you can't get happy, you can't raise a family, nothing. And at the end of the day, that's exactly what is most important, that's what counts.You can't buy happiness, but there are people who like to share happiness with others and narcissistic exes are definitely not.

You only deserve the best and should never forget that ...