What was your biggest McDonald's order ever?

A former McDonald's employee dropped the bomb and warns of a certain burger ... and reveals many other unsavory details!

A Reddit user comes out on the discussion platform as an ex-McDonald's employee and reveals which burger you shouldn't order from the fast food chain.

When you stand at the bar of the chain and see the neatly lined up burgers in the display, you sometimes wonder when they were prepared. For the Filet-O-Fish, the alleged ex-employee explains on Reddit: "I can promise that the Filet-O-Fish is not fresh!" The only way out: take five minutes more time and ask for a freshly made burger.

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Again and again hair-raising stories

This is not the first time that a burger chain employee wants to ease his conscience. An ex-employee told Cosmopolitan magazine a lot about the creative stress management tactics of his colleagues. His statements relate exclusively to his former workplace and do not necessarily affect the entire corporate culture (read here what McDonald's Germany says about the allegations) -Nevertheless you might not like some details.

1. Impolite guests will be punished ...

Getting clunky with the staff could negatively affect the order: "Extra ice in your coke? Squeeze your burger before we put it in the bag? Is your box of french fries only half full? Something intentionally left out of the order? "The employees of this McDonald's branch have already done all of this.

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2. ... nice guests are rewarded

But the employees can also do different things: Are guests particularly nice, do you give them a pleasure?. An example would be the McFlurry: "Have you ever had caramel sauce and chocolate on the bottom of the mug, ice cream in the middle and more sauce and chocolate on top?" Then you did something right.

3. The vanilla shake tastes like nothing

The vanilla shake doesn't taste like vanilla at all? Then someone has forgot to fill up the empty syrup bag.

4. Own burger creations are tested

During the breaks, the employees make their own burger creations or test menus that are only available in Australia, for example. "A Big Mac with bacon? A McChicken sandwich with cheese?" You've probably indulged yourself in that.

5. Take Monopoly vouchers with you

The Monopoly vouchers, which are actually intended for guests, have already been used in abundance by the staff in other branches.

6. What happens to the coffee vouchers?

The coffee vouchers, for which customers have to collect six stickers, should actually be torn up and thrown away after use. But only actually ...

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7. Not because of a toilet break

The toilet break is often converted into a meal break - by taking an orange juice bottle from the fridge with you.

8. Fish fingers prepared differently

When fish fingers are ordered, the employees do not always prepare some: Because they are only made to order, while a Filet-o-Fish is often already ready. This then becomes easy cut in three parts - et voilà. "It's actually the same, isn't it?" Says the ex-employee.

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9. Mayonnaise cheating

In fact, the McChicken, Mayo Chicken and Chicken Legend (not available in this country) have different sauces. According to the employee, the Legend Mayo is the best. If you ask politely about it, you will get more of it - which is actually not allowed.

10. Apple turnovers are out?

Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that. Sometimes the staff just don't feel like it which to prepare: "It takes about 4000 years to cook these things. Nobody has time for that. Sorry!" That is why the customer simply means that there is nothing left.

11. You don't play with your food ...

... at this McDonald's branch. The game is called "Chicken cricket": There is a thrower and a bat. Old chicken nuggets are then used as projectiles, while bread serves as a baton.

12. This happens to leftover food

Even at McDonald's, a lot of things that have already been prepared are left lying around - and the leftovers can then be eaten by the employees themselves at the end of the shift. That's why it happens every now and then that five minutes before closing time fresh nuggets are pushed into the oven.

But it's not only at McDonald's that things are sometimes questionable behind the scenes - with this disgusting burger from Burger King, something was very wrong during the production process.

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