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What to do after a right-wing act of violence?

Organize support

Immediately after an attack, the support of the affected person comes first. A misanthropic worldview of the perpetrators is decisive for the violence. That means: it's not your fault! So do not hesitate to help or, if you are affected, to ask trusted people for support.

As friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc., you best help those directly affected by not leaving them alone with the consequences of the crime and by contributing to their well-being and psychological stabilization. These can also be very simple things: Accompany people to school, to the authorities, have attentive conversations or do something together.

Document injuries and damage

See a doctor and have injuries of any kind certified. Visible injuries are best photographed. Property damage, such as damaged clothing, living items, damage to the vehicle or the entrance area of ​​the apartment should be documented and, if possible, initially stored or secured unchanged. This is helpful to claim damages and reparations if necessary. There are different ways to support you financially.

Write a memory log

Whether as the attacked person or as a witness: write the most detailed memory protocol possible with your personal memories of the incident. Because your memories will fade. You can then fall back on this in the event of legal proceedings, which can be delayed by years in some cases. Write down, among other things, the place, date and time of the attack, description of the perpetrators, the chronological and spatial course. How did the escalation begin? Where did the blows / kicks come from? What words were you verbally abused with? Take your time and not only write down everything that struck you, but also seemed incidental at first. Also think of possible witnesses to the attack.

File a criminal complaint

In order for the perpetrators to be prosecuted, it is necessary that criminal proceedings are initiated. To make sure that this happens, it is advisable to file a separate criminal complaint - even if the police were there. Anyone can file a criminal complaint - either at the local police station, the public prosecutor's office or on the Internet at

There are many reasons to report right-wing acts of violence. But there are also different motives and experiences that prevent those affected or witnesses from doing so. Such doubts must be taken seriously. If you hesitate to file a complaint, the Association of Victims' Perspective will be happy to advise you. A notification can also be made later, there is no deadline. If a criminal complaint is to be filed, this must happen up to three months later - here too, the victim's perspective will be happy to advise you.

Contact counselors

If you have not already done so, we recommend that you get in touch with counselors from the association “Opferperspektiven”. Here, experienced employees advise and support those affected by right-wing violence, but also their relatives or friends and witnesses of such acts in the state of Brandenburg. The advice is free of charge and takes place at a location that those seeking advice choose themselves. The counselors accompany those affected to the police and other authorities, give legal advice on criminal and civil proceedings, mediate lawyers for an accessory prosecution and accompany them in criminal proceedings. They also help with drawing up claims for compensation and in contact with the media. In addition, the association researches right-wing acts of violence and records them systematically in the form of a chronology, which continuously provides information on how the extent of violence is developing in the state of Brandenburg.

Further and detailed information on dealing with the police and public prosecutor's office, testimony, criminal proceedings and more can be found on the website of the Verein Opferperspektiven eV at [email protected] you can also download the brochure “Perspectives after a right-wing or racist attack - your rights and options " to order.

If you need help, you can find the contact persons for the respective region here:

Phone: +49 331 8170000

E-mail:[email protected]

Please also report anti-Semitic incidents online to the Anti-Semitism Research and Information Center Berlin (RIAS).