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Hello everybody,

First of all, thank you very much for your feedback, I hope there will be more to come.

Here are a few thoughts from me about the game and the article from Gamestar.

First of all, I have to mention that I play in the demanding difficulty level mode, because that is the level of difficulty in which neither my opponent nor I have an advantage in terms of damage and hit points. I like to be challenged a little.

I only made a small change, so that it is basically a difficulty level I created myself. I turned the slider on death's door.

Of course, by choosing the difficulty level, I was aware that I might have to reload a few times more if the fight ends with the character's death.

I don't know what the easier levels of difficulty are, but yes it is quite difficult at the beginning, but manageable if you are familiar with the rules. Certainly a lot of things are not explained directly, so that you have to find out many things yourself. But that's what makes such games for me. The question now is, should the game developer have pointed out or explained "everything". I don't think you can answer that question with a clear yes or no. If you were to explain too much, I would be missing something personally, such as the aha effect (oh that's how it works or ah with this spell I do more damage to this opponent etc ..).

Most likely, an advanced tutorial explaining combat mechanics would have been beneficial for newbies.

Basically, after a certain point you shouldn't follow the story mission straight away, because it cannot be created with LVL 2 characters or is quite difficult (depending on the degree of difficulty). In my opinion, this is the case in many role-playing games. Therefore, the statements on this in the reviews on Steam are not entirely understandable for me.

Certainly some will say now, but I would like to follow the story straight away or just follow. In my opinion, this is not how this game with the pen & paper template is structured, especially since there is also a story mode for it. As soon as you play in a higher level of difficulty. Do you get into the situation in which you have to postpone a mission / fight to a later point in time until the group is strong enough. It is even pointed out in the ingame tips.

My personal opinion is that it's one of the best pen and paper RPG games since Baldur's Gate. A captivating main story with many side quests is told. There is a lot to discover, places to explore. I have now invested 100 hours in this game. Again and again I catch myself saying to myself, this one quest, this one fight, just exploring the map, getting to the capital before I finish or take a break. Only to find out then that I still did the administrative tasks in the throne room.

For me, Pathfinder Kingmaker is very addictive. Certainly all of this is to be viewed subjectively. Unfortunately, I don't know what the replayability value is. One will see.

Yes, of course, there are also things that could have been solved better, such as the many loading screens in the city's administration menu. Even the random battles that are sometimes not completely balanced at the beginning, which cause you to reload, are annoying, although it only happened once that I was overwhelmed in a random battle or the opponent simply overwhelmed me. In the later course of the game, however, these are no longer a problem;

Unfortunately, I can't comment on the many bugs. I'm also always amazed at what other players see in terms of bugs.

I consciously only had one bug in the entire season and it was still quite funny. If you assign Jaethal to a special task while resting, you get two undead guards to support you in the event of an attack. Before the many fixes, when an attack occurred, each character was assigned two undead guardians. So that 12 guards supported me in an attack. I know bugusing, but at the beginning I really thought it had to be that way and I guess I misunderstood the tooltip.

Much was fixed by the patches. Whether maybe always for the better, I don't know. Example, I had a final boss in a quest who could only be overpowered with tricks and magic tricks. The fight was very challenging. Now I recently read the patch notes. That the fighting skills of the final boss in this said quest were reduced. I ask myself now, what a shame, where is the challenge? Especially if you are playing with an easier level of difficulty.

I just enjoy mastering a difficult fight more than an easier one.

So, so much for me about this game ...


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