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6 newsletter services in comparison

Email marketing is an important part for many entrepreneurs who make their money on the Internet. Sending newsletters is not only part of everyday business for small and medium-sized companies, but also for large organizations and corporations. There are a number of tools and newsletter service providers to make the dispatch as professional and secure as possible. We have taken a closer look at some interesting ones for you in this article and put the respective partner programs through their paces.

Rapidmail: one of the major newsletter services

Rapidmail is a well-known German newsletter service provider.

The registration on the website is very easy. If you want to test the service yourself beforehand, you don't even need to enter your bank details for the demo version, but simply receive the preliminary access data by email.

If you are satisfied with the functions of Rapidmail, you can then activate your correct account.

How does a newsletter service work? (using Rapidmail as an example)

The heart of every newsletter service is the so-called editor. In the editor you can edit the newsletter as a preview and design it individually.

With Rapidmail, you can access the editing function via the “Mailings” tab, where you can try out what the newsletter might actually look like in the end. There are hardly any limits to the design. In addition to the main components such as texts, images and links, individual buttons or links with social networks can also be built in. Programming knowledge is usually not required for this. With the toolbar in the editor, the various elements can be easily inserted and brought to the right place in the preview using drag and drop.

Overall, the Rapidmail editor is very user-friendly. If building it yourself is still too cumbersome for you, you can also fall back on a selection of templates.

Analysis tools and plugins with Rapidmail

In addition to the pure design options, most service providers also offer analysis tools to evaluate the success of the newsletter sent. On the one hand, it can be traced how many of the recipients actually opened the email and on the other hand, who dismissed the newsletter as spam or was bounced (i.e. opened the newsletter for a very short time and then closed it again immediately).

The functions described above can be operated directly in the browser via Rapidmail. In addition, however, you can also establish a connection to your own website. A plug-in can be installed in the site's content management system (CMS), such as WordPress or Typo3. The recipient lists can then be conveniently controlled from your own domain.

Create subscription and unsubscribe forms with newsletter services

Another service that newsletter service providers offer is the creation and integration of subscription and unsubscribe forms. The forms can be provided with tools such as multiple-choice options, text fields, drop-down boxes and many other options to make registration as convenient and easy as possible for the customer. In order to incorporate the registration form on your own website, rapidmail offers integration via an automatically generated iFrame, for example. No great programming knowledge is required for this either, since the HTML code of the iFrame can be easily inserted into the desired location in the CMS using copy and paste.

25% commission per sale with the Rapidmail partner program

Rapidmail also offers affiliates some convincing arguments for cooperation through the partner program.

A lead (= a registration on Rapidmail) is remunerated with € 30 to € 40 once. However, 25% lifetime commission can also be achieved per sale. The turnover is between 10 and 850 euros per mailing. Even if the maximum commission of € 212.50 only applies to customers with a recipient range of 500,000, the financial incentives are very high even for smaller customers. The cookie runtime is solid at 60 days. The processing time is a maximum of 42 days. However, with over 40,000 satisfied customers, the unique selling point is the positive image of Rapidmail, which drastically increases the chances of successful referral.

To put the 25% commission in relation again, here is the price list of the mailings at Rapidmail:

to the Rabidmail partner program

Clever elements: innovative concept, partner program lags behind

At first glance, the functions of the well-known newsletter services are very similar. They all offer an editor that can be used via the browser and usually also a link option with your own website.

If anything, the differences are in the details. This is why trust in the chosen newsletter service often plays an important role. Only recently, with the abolition of the Safe Harbor Agreement, there was a lot of uncertainty among online companies. They were simply not sure where customer data, including those relevant for sending newsletters, was stored.

In the course of this uncertainty, the Berlin start-up company Cleverelements is trying to differentiate itself from the competition with promised legal security and servers located in Europe.

Cleverelements also has a partner program. Affiliates are remunerated here with a 20% lifetime commission for a sale. The prices per recipient are even slightly more expensive with cleverreach than with rapidmail, which of course also increases the sales opportunities for the publishers.

However, there is no remuneration for a pure registration, i.e. a lead. Unfortunately, only an affiliate URL is made available for customer acquisition, which can be linked on your own page. Another possibility is to enter the referred customer manually. Overall, Cleverreach's partner program is still immature and can hardly keep up with the competition.

Newsletter2go: 30,000 customers, 10% lifetime commission

Newsletter2go is another large provider in this market. The service provider is well established with over 30,000 customers.

Here, too, a practical editor is available with which you can simply put your newsletter into practice. In addition, Newsletter2go offers so-called whitelisting for many e-mail domains. This marks the newsletter as trustworthy and does not end up in the recipient's spam folder. Further advantages of Newsletter2go are briefly presented in this video.

With only 10% lifetime it looks at first glance as if Newsletter2go's partner program is a little weak. However, the CPM (price per thousand recipients) for one-off mailings is also much higher than for most of the others. The cookie runtime is again an average of 60 days and does not stand out from the competition.

The commission model of Newsletter2go with many different advertising media is much more sophisticated than that of Cleverelements, but it lags behind the competition in terms of remuneration.

Cleverreach: a global player in the distribution of newsletters

Cleverreach is an international company that has over 100,000 customers worldwide. The service sends over 150 million emails per month. Even if the functions hardly differ from the previously presented companies, the company is characterized by very attractive prices.

While dispatch is billed per e-mail with rapidmail, the sending of newsletters is unlimited with cleverreach from 251 recipients for a monthly flat rate. One negative point, however, is that large, international companies like Cleverreach cannot be sure where the customer data is stored and how it is handled. After all, address data trading on the Internet is a major legal issue. You can find out more about this here from internet expert and lawyer Michael Terhaag.

Cleverreach's partner program, on the other hand, is very transparent and offers great remuneration opportunities with a 20% share in sales on every advertised sale. However, at just 30 days, the cookie runtime is rather short compared to the competition. With 100,000 existing customers, Cleverreach has a hard to beat argument for itself.

Mailchimp: the market leader among newsletter services

Now we come to the pioneer and market leader of newsletter tools: Mailchimp. According to their own information, an incredible 9 million customers around the world use the tool of the US company founded in Atlanta to send newsletters. What sets the company apart from the other providers and makes it unique is that small companies with a maximum of 2000 recipients can send up to 12,000 emails per month free of charge.

Anyone who, as an affiliate, has already licked their fingers after this enormous number of potential customers, will unfortunately be disappointed in terms of Mailchimp's partner program. Here, too, there is no partner program in the classic sense, but only a possibility to refer friends via a “Tell-a-friend” button. If the referral is successful, both people will receive a $ 30 voucher that can only be used on Mailchimp.

Getresponse: 33% commission, 120 days cookie runtime

Last but not the least, we would like to introduce you to Getresponse. The company around the Polish self-made man Simon Grabowski was one of the first newsletter service providers on the market.

There are now over 350,000 customers on board. In addition to a modern newsletter editor, you can also design the right landing page via Getresponse, on which the recipients can register. The operation is again very handy and clear.

Affiliates finally get their money's worth with the Getresponse partner program. With outstanding commissions of 33% per sale of a referral customer, there are huge profit opportunities. With prices up to € 360, affiliates can earn around € 120 per sale. With an above-average cookie runtime of 120 days, the opportunity to earn from a customer remains twice as long as with most other newsletter services. Good support and monthly payouts are added to the “Pro” list from Getresponse.


Even if most newsletter services hardly differ from the way they work, as an affiliate you should take a closer look. So you would certainly not have thought that the market leader Mailchimp does not offer an affiliate program at all. The winners of the comparison in terms of affiliate marketing are clearly Rapidmail and Getresponse. However, if you are looking for a newsletter service yourself, as a German entrepreneur you should pay particular attention to the data protection guidelines in order to avoid legal consequences. You are on the safe side with cleverelements, for example.