Which artist painted that

Wacky features that tell you which artist painted a painting

I had an advanced art course and for a while I was able to assign paintings to their painters and epochs quite well, now it's a bit rusty and I have my problems with the Impressionists. imgur user flickerdart (or the now inactive Reddit account DontTacoBoutIt) has put together a list with which it is child's play to assign which important painter is to be held responsible for the work. Very entertaining and not as unhelpful as you might think at first.

Rembrandt van Rijn

"If Everyone Looks Like Hobos Illuminated Only By A Dim Streetlamp, It's Rembrandt"

Salvador Dalí

"If It's Something You Saw On Your Acid Trip Last Night, It's Dali"

Hieronymus Bosch

"If The Paintings Have Lots Of Little People In Them But Also Have A Ton Of Crazy Bulls #% t, It's Bosch"

Pablo Ruiz Picasso

"If Everybody Has Some Sort Of Body Malfunction, Then It's Picasso"

Leonardo da Vinci

"Lord Of The Rings Landscapes With Weird Blue Mist And The Same Wavy-Haired Aristocratic-Nose Madonna, It's Da Vinci"

Edouard Manet

"Dappled Light And Unhappy Party-Time People, Then It's Manet"

Edgar Degas

"If You See A Ballerina, It's Degas"

Claude Monet

"Dappled Light But No Figures, It's Monet"

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

"If Everyone Is Beautiful, Naked, And Stacked, It's Michelangelo"

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

"Dappled Light And Happy Party-Time People, It's Renoir"

Tiziano Vecelli

"If The Images Have A Dark Background And Everyone Has Tortured Expressions On Their Faces, It's Titian"

Piet Mondrian

"Excel Sheet With Colored Squares, It's Mondrian"

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

"If All The Men Look Like Cow-Eyed Curly-Haired Women, It's Caravaggio"

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

"If The Paintings Have Tons Of Little People In Them But Otherwise Seem Normal, It's Bruegel"

Sir Peter Paul Rubens

"If Everyone In The Paintings Has Enormous Asses, Then It’s Rubens"

Frida Kahlo

"If Every Painting Is The Face Of A Uni-Browed Woman, It's Frida"

Doménikos Theotokópoulos - El Greco (“The Greek”)

"If Everything Is Highly-Contrasted And Sharp, Sort Of Bluish, And Everyone Has Gaunt Bearded Faces, It's El Greco"

François Boucher

"If The Painting Could Easily Have A Few Chubby Cupids Or Sheep Added (Or Already Has Them), It's Boucher"

Jan van Eyck

"If everyone - including the women - looks like Putin, then it's van Eyck."

Learned something again. Actually perfect for roughly teaching kids how to spot some of the most important painters in art history.

via: demilked | Images: flickerdart