Will Blizzard ever do a Warcraft Movi again?

Warcraft movie: will there be a second part after all?

Warcraft movie: will there be a second part after all?
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Since the release of the movie "Warcraft: The Beginning" in 2016, many fans of the Warcraft lore have been asking themselves whether this film will ever be one continuation is obtained. So far this question could be answered quite clearly with a No answer because the film was not really a success for the film production company Legendary Pictures and most of the reviews were very negative. Despite these factors, however, are currently increasing Rumors about the fact that a sequel to the Warcraft film is apparently being worked on after all

Some of these rumors go back to an article on the movieweb.com platform, which mainly revolves around the chance of a sequel to Warcraft: The Beginning. This post mentions, among other things, that the Work in such a sequel, according to the Twitter influencer, who is usually considered to be quite reliable Daniel Ritchman have already started. According to these reports, the whole thing is only possible because the first film about Warcraft was very well received in the regions outside the USA and China in particular achieved surprisingly good values ​​for this production.

Even if one should always doubt such rumors at the beginning, in this case a surprising circumstance speaks for the authenticity of this story. The contribution made by movieweb.com to this matter was won over by none other than Chris Metzen shared on twitter. Since Chris Metzen was already involved in the work for Warcraft: The Beginning, he still has an important position in the community despite his "retirement" and continues to be the voice of Thrall, he could be informed in advance about the plans for a sequel and in this simple way a hint send to the fan base. We may find out whether these rumors are actually true in February 2021 through the upcoming one Blizzconline.