What does assalamualaikum mean

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The greeting of peace is the usual form of greeting among Muslims, in which one wishes the peace [salam] of God to one's counterpart.

At the same time, the character of unity [tawheed] is emphasized, because the greeting of peace is pronounced in Arabic by all Muslims of all cultures and languages. According to Muslim beliefs, Adam (a.) Was the first to pronounce the peace greeting. It is an invitation stipulated in the Holy Qur'an to respond to a greeting in at least as beautiful a way or even more beautifully (cf. 4:86). Because the peace greeting is also a foretaste of the greeting in paradise (33:44).

The greeting of peace in its longest form reads:

"As-salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu".
"Peace be upon you and the mercy and grace of Allah"

The special meaning of the peace greeting becomes clear from the fact that it is obligatory even for someone lost in ritual prayer to return a peace greeting specially addressed to him during the ritual prayer without the ritual prayer losing its validity.

The short form used in everyday use is "Peace be with you" [as-salamu alaikum, السلام عليكم] or "Peace be with you "[salamun alaikum, سلام عليكم].