Which is better Snapchat or Instagram

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories - the big comparison

Snapchat has just arrived and there is something new on the market again. Instagram has now also introduced the function of live video and calls it Instagram Stories. I have compared both platforms for you and in this post I reveal my conclusion on the upswing in the social media world.

Yesterday evening I was very surprised when I suddenly discovered the new function on Instagram. Immediately afterwards, many videos or stories from users I follow followed. Most were shocked, some were also surprised, and others were immediately enthusiastic. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning as I had only just gotten used to Snapchat. But what are the pros and cons of Instagram Stories? Is Instagram Stories the new Snapchat? I compared the two channels for you. You can find my conclusion on this below.

Everyone has a story!

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories - Pros & Cons

Basically, you could think that Instagram Stories is a return carriage from Facebook to Snapchat. Because at first glance, the new function of the Facebook photo app looks like a cheap copy, without any filters or additional options. But what can Instagram Stories really do? Is it that much worse than Snapchat, or maybe even better?

Is Instagram Stories the new Snapchat?

The fact is that there are many identical functions. Instagram Stories also keeps the films and snapshots online for 24 hours and then deletes them. Just like on Snapchat, you have the option to share direct messages as well as private stories or snaps. In order to breathe more life into the pictures and videos, both apps have drawing tools and the option of adding text.

What has not been possible with Snapchat for long, is included with Instagram Stories from the start - you can insert photos and recordings that have already been taken in the story and edit them. And even the stalkers among us can rest assured, because the display of the followers who have viewed the story is also available. The last thing I could find in common is saving the posted stories on the smartphone. I have recorded all the advantages and disadvantages of the respective app for you in the following table:


- complicated handling
+ various filters are available
- stand-alone app
- Difficult to build range
- no further options in the app
+ Geofilter
+ Filters change almost every day

Instagram Stories

+ user-friendly
+ User / follower already available
+ colored ring for new stories
+ Stories can be called up on the start page and on the respective feed
+ Story can also be shared in the feed
+ several functions combined in one app
+ greater range

Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories - conclusion

With Instagram Stories, I can reach all of my followers at once. In other words, I have a greater reach and don't have to move interested parties to another social media channel. Because downloading your own app is too tedious for many, which I can totally understand. Plus, Stories is easier to use than Snapchat.

It took me forever on Snapchat to even understand how to add new friends or send them private snaps. With Instagram Stories, everything seems clear at first glance. This makes it easier to gain new users and followers. Only the beautiful filters are missing because I don't always want to do my morning face to you. But basically I'm a fan of Instagram Stories and after a short transition phase I might switch to it completely - and I think there will be a big update soon with regard to the filters.

What would still be practical is the option to subscribe to the stories you want, so that you are not overwhelmed with Instagram stories on the start page, but can choose which ones are displayed to you. Now “storytelling” takes on a whole new meaning, doesn't it? The world of social media is constantly changing.

Does your Snapchat stay loyal to you or does you prefer Instagram Stories? Or do you start now with Instagram Stories because Snapchat was too difficult for you? I'm curious about your opinion!