Are you in a polyamorous relationship?

Relationship forms

Open when it comes to relationships?

Everyone goes their own way when it comes to partnership. And sometimes you don't even want to commit yourself. As a mingle in a non-binding relationship, as part of a friendship plus with occasional sex, in casual dating as a repeated one-night stand, but also in a consciously open relationship or in an open marriage, it's about variety and togetherness - about trying things out and enjoyment beyond the classic love affair. And that is by no means wrong - especially if everyone involved agrees.

Polyamory - relationships are not just for two!

Feelings are unpredictable. And sometimes you feel equally drawn to several people. This may be confusing at first, but for some it is completely normal. And there are definitely ways in which that fits - for example, if you are a triad in a relationship with three people. Such - so-called polyamorous or polyamorous - forms of relationships are a bit unusual, but there are people who make exactly that happy. And why not?

By the way: Polyamorous forms of relationships are not about cheating or an open relationship; rather, all partners have equal rights. Honesty and respect are particularly important here. And openness also counts, because everyone in such a relationship should be clear about what one expects from one another and how one treats one another - also when it comes to safer sex.