Which serial killer has the most kills?

Which serial killer got the most kills in film and TV history?

After seeing the seasons of Dexter had checked again I asked myself, "How many people did he kill in all eight seasons?" According to that list, he has an "impressive" number of 135 kills. After seeing this, I wondered if there was an even more "prolific" serial killer in film and television history.

A Serial killer in terms of Wikipedia:

A serial killer is a person who murders three or more people, usually in the service of abnormal psychological gratification, the murders lasting over a month with a significant pause ("cooling off" period) between them.

Which serial killer has recorded the most kills during his film and television appearances?

If possible, please include a source who can confirm the number of killings.

New in IT

Kevin Uxbridge killed fifty billion Husnock people on Star Trek The Next Generation.


@ New-To-IT This is not a serial killer by definition. Genocide and mass murders are not serial murders. In fact, the OP could work out a little more about serial killers before it becomes a question that killed most of the people.

Catija ♦

If Dexter mentioned in the question, it is not an indication of Dexter.


And the time thing is given in a funny way. The normal definition of serial killers does not include one significant Interruption or time to think . There is just enough time to separate the murders as opposed to a mass / Spree killer. Kill 4 people in 4 days, serial killers ex: the Beltway sniper. Kill 4 people at the same school / on the same day, Spree-Killer, e.g. Virginia Tech .


Oh dear, this actually threatens to turn into a generic "deadliest character ever" ... are soldiers, secret agents, and righteous action heroes in general no Serial killer, AFAIK.

Ken Graham

Jason Voorhees, the serial killer from the Friday the 13th film series seems to be spot on here. With a total of 12/13 villain films from 1981 to date and the assumption to have killed more than 300 victims, he is the most successful serial killer of them all in the films!

Johnny Bones

Was Voorhees Really a Serial Killer? A mass murderer undoubtedly, but serial killers kill in a certain way and / or target a certain population group. The Voorhees murders didn't really follow any pattern other than that most of his victims were teenagers or young adults.


As far as I know, to qualify as a serial killer, he only needs to have killed more than 3 people in more than one incident that spanned at least a month. Having a MO is pretty typical of serial killers, but not really mandatory.

Darrick woe

Does this take into account that he wasn't in 2 of the films?


@JohnnyBones promiscuous, drug / alcohol using, or otherwise immoral teenagers / young adults and anyone in their way (collateral damage). He doesn't kill indiscriminately. There are a lot of people who see him and he doesn't even try to kill them. youtube.com/watch?v=Obtc9U6hEYM


Not really. The definition also includes deviating psychological satisfaction and (prolonged) reflection times between the victims. Probably an academic distinction as most of the descriptions say it is a series.

Mike. C. Ford

On the show Criminal Minds, Frank Breitkopf was the most prolific murderer they encountered in S02E13 and S02E24. He had 176 kills piled up when he was caught.

I would assume that he fits the description of a serial killer quite well by any definition used, as he kills victims of a particular demographic in a particular repetitive manner with long time intervals between each.