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The 33 best PS4 Pro games: PS4 4K games of 2021

PS4 Pro games or "PS4 Pro 4K games" are on everyone's lips. Almost two years ago the PlayStation 4 Pro appeared on the market, which trumps its base model with better technology, but should not separate the players from one another. Since then, a large number of PS4 titles have been released which, in the Pro version, get the best out of themselves through upscaling, higher frame numbers or other improvements.

But is it worth upgrading to the PS4 4K games? So that you can decide for yourself, we ask you the 33 best PS4 Pro optimized games and specifically address the differences between the individual games and the basic version of the PlayStation 4. So that you really know which Playstation 4 Pro games are special and whether it makes such a big difference to play PS4 games in 4K.

Have fun with our list of best PS4 Pro games (Incidentally, it is not a ranking list!)

1. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

The start of our PS4 Pro games selection is the new Tomb Raider. In the last part of the newly published trilogy around the action-adventure icon Lara Croft, we look again at a doomsday scenario in the eye. Driven by anger at the old knightly order “Trinity”, which Lara's father has on his conscience, she ignores the warnings in an ancient temple and snatches an old relic from under her nose. In doing so, she unintentionally triggers a Mayan apocalypse, which starts a fight against both time and Trinity for Lara.

What is different about the Pro version?

Optically, SOTTR also looks absolutely fantastic on the base model of the PlayStation 4, not least because HDR is already supported there too. This pays off especially in the shady jungle regions. The game runs with a resolution of 1080p at 30 frames per second.

The Pro version comes with two different graphics modes, which either prefer the frame rate or the look of the game:

The “high resolution” mode displays the game in 1872p, which corresponds to 75% of the native 4k resolution, which is then upscaled to 4k by checkerboard rendering. The game "only" runs at a constant 30FPS.

The “high frame rate” mode runs on a buttery smooth 60FPS, but the resolution is set to 1080p.

In this PS4-exclusive action adventure, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man swings through the open world of New York to put some criminals down. We meet a large number of old friends, such as Scorpion, Rhino or Mr. Negative. The latter tries to establish himself as the new boss of the New York underworld and thus represents the main villain of the story. The plot itself is written especially for the game and convinces with the typical Marvel humor paired with a beat 'em up combat system in which too Stealth and gadget friends don't miss out. Definitely a must-have on our list of the best PS4 Pro games.

What is different about the Pro version?

The game runs on both the standard and the Pro version of the Playstation at 30 FPS, with the former displaying the game in 1080p resolution.

The Pro version is characterized above all by a technique called “Temporal Injection”. Here, certain parts of the image are displayed variably and in a higher resolution depending on the scene. This results in a significantly sharper image at a stable 30FPS, which is already eye-catching on 1080p screens thanks to the appropriate anti-aliasing. However, native 4k is not achieved with it. In addition, the Pro version benefits from a slightly increased range of vision and higher-resolution shadows. It also offers HDR support for corresponding end devices.

A PS4-exclusive title from “Quantic Dream”, who have already gained a lot of experience with the PlayStation with the games “Heavy Rain” and “Beyond: Two Souls”. In “Detroit: Become Human” they stay true to their narrative style, which results in a kind of playable film for the player. The story told and the world in which it is set change, in some cases very strongly, with every decision made by the player.

Shown is a near future vision in which mankind creates androids in their own image in order to use them for menial work. A revolt of the androids equipped with AI is of course not long in coming. You don't expect a real action game, however, as the focus is primarily on the story and questioning the "I". The philosophical question, which has always been asked about what actually makes people human, becomes the driving question through the game.

What is special about the Pro version?

Visually, the basic and the pro version hardly differ. Both versions support HDR and run at 30FPS, the basic version is only rendered with 1080p and has a few, but hardly noticeable frame drops. The Pro version is displayed on 4k using checkerboard rendering. In addition, it has a qualitatively better and higher-resolution volumetric light display.

The latest offshoot of the game series is accompanied by some changes, for example an open game world and many optional stories that can be experienced. Years after his confrontation with the gods of Mount Olympus, Kratos has found a new home in the world of Norse mythology. There he lives with his son Atreus, whom Kratos raises as a father and mentor and teaches his craft. He wants to lead a quiet life and leave his past behind. The Norse gods, however, know about his past as a slaughterer of gods and therefore see him as a danger that needs to be eliminated.

What is the PS4 Pro version?

The Pro version of God Of War comes (like many other PS4 Pro games) with two different modes that either favor performance or optics: The performance mode increases the frame limit to 60FPS, which, however, is not always reached . The resolution is 1080p.

The graphics mode works with checkerboard rendering and thus achieves a resolution of up to 4k at 30 frames per second. In the case of screens with a lower resolution, the level of detail of the image is increased by means of supersampling in accordance with the power released. The standard version of the PlayStation 4 displays the game in 1080p at 30FPS, HDR is supported by both the PS4 and the PS4Pro.

Gran Turismo has been one of the most popular and well-known racing game series for years. Its offshoots shine with realistic driving physics, high-quality graphics and real scenes as well as a large selection of cars that can be upgraded and converted on various levels. This means that the look, performance and handling of the trolleys can be changed and adapted to suit your taste. By switching the many support mechanisms on or off, you can determine the degree of realism yourself, which means that both beginners and realism fanatics get their money's worth.

Is Gran Turismo Sport a "real" PS4 Pro game?

The standard version of the PS4 displays GTS with native 1080p and achieves an almost constant frame rate of 60 FPS with minor but not serious drops in more detailed areas.

The PS4 Pro version, on the other hand, provides two different modes from which you can choose, a performance mode and a graphics mode.

The graphics mode offers a resolution of native 1800p, which is scaled up to 4k by checkerboard rendering. In addition, the game offers a motion blur effect. Although replays are only played at 30FPS with this setting, as on the normal PS4, the gameplay runs at an almost constant 60FPS.

The performance mode renders the game at native 1080p at an absolutely constant 60FPS. In return, however, the motion blur effect is left out. However, replays can be displayed with 60FPS. All versions support HDR.

After some initial difficulties, “No Man’s Sky” is now a very solid game that offers a lot for survival and exploration friends. In a one-man spaceship you travel through a huge, procedurally generated universe, in which every planet can be explored on foot. In doing so, you collect resources to ensure your own survival and constantly improve your equipment. On the way you will meet sometimes more, sometimes less intelligent life forms, which are also generated randomly.

What can the Pro version do?

While the basic version of the PS4 renders the game with 1080p at 30FPS, you have two different output options for “No Man's Sky” on the PS4Pro: If you decide to display the game with a resolution of native 1080p, the PS4Pro will reach you thereby a constant frame rate of 60FPS.

However, if you choose the 4K output, the game will be displayed with a native resolution of 1800p. Although this is not quite 4K, it still looks a lot sharper compared to the 1080p resolution. Remaining edges are then smoothed further by TSAA. Since the frame rate is only limited to over 60FPS, it fluctuates greatly between 30 and 60 frames per second.

7. Shadow of the Colossus

This PS2 classic was released as an HD remaster on the PS3 back in 2011. With the PS4 version, this time not only has the resolution been adapted to the current technology, but the game has also been completely restored. However, the aspects that make “Shadow of the Colossus” special in its own way have remained untouched.
As a young man “Wander” you go to the distant land of Dormin in the hope of bringing the girl “Mono” back into the realm of the living. This was sacrificed to cleanse her of her curse. To achieve this you have to kill 16 colossi, huge and unique creatures. These are the only opponents in the game, but finding their vulnerable spots often turns out to be quite a challenge.

What can the Pro version do?

Of course, the PS4Pro was not forgotten during the remake, so there are again two display modes from which the player can choose one: The cinema mode offers a resolution of 1440p, which is upscaled to 4K via TSAA. 30FPS are targeted.

The performance mode offers 1080p with a smooth 60FPS. The standard PS4 shows the game in 1080p at 30 frames per second.

As the successor to the console-exclusive MMO shooter of the same name, “Destiny 2” also remains true to its roots. In an instanced, futuristic world you move through different raids and level sections to either advance the story or simply to farm new equipment. Depending on the area, you are allowed to work with a certain number of other players. If you don't have any friends to support you, you will be thrown into an instance with random players.

Even after the relatively short main campaign, Destiny 2 still offers a lot of content that can offer fans of the SciFi world a few hours of fun. Many of the raids require good tactics and cooperation among the players, especially on higher levels of difficulty. There are also weekly events and some PvP modes.

What can the PS4 Pro version do?

In terms of frame rate, the PS4 Pro does not differ from its base model. Both render the game at 30FPS, with the basic version having a resolution of 1080p. The Pro version comes with a dynamic 4K resolution, which is achieved through checkerboard rendering, better texture filtering and HDR support.

This game brought some innovations to EA’s American Football series. On the one hand, it is the first title in the series that runs on the well-known in-house Frostbite engine, and on the other hand, the game has a story mode for the first time. In this you accompany the young quarterback “Devin Wade” on his way from high school football to the NFL. Both your playful achievements and your decisions determine the path of his career.

There are 3 different “play styles” to choose from, which you can use to influence the difficulty of the game. In this way you can generate a corresponding gaming experience for you as a casual player as well as a hardcore fan. The game deserves a safe place in our leaderboard of all PS4 Pro games.

What is different about the Pro version?

Madden NFL 18 runs at 60 FPS on both the PS4 and PS4 Pro. In addition, both consoles support HDR. The PS4 Pro, however, benefits from better anti-aliasing and more stable FPS in cutscenes and replays. In addition, the Pro version has 4K support, with the resolution being increased dynamically. The target frame rate is also 60FPS.

“Ratchet & Clank” is one of the veterans of the Playstation exclusive titles, which can convince with their combination of jump ’n run, action adventure and crisp puzzles. With this new edition of the first title in the Insomniac Games series, it will be possible to experience the beginnings of the extraordinary duo in a new light. The new edition offers a lot of new content, such as new bosses, new planets and new side tasks. The gameplay mechanics are additionally supplemented by features of various other parts of the series, making the title very contemporary all round.

What makes the game special on the Pro?

The remake is also graphically absolutely contemporary and the PS4 Pro is supported accordingly. Although there is no mode with 60FPS offered on this, the game has Insomniac's “Temporal Injection” feature, which they used here for the first time. This means that parts of the textures are displayed in a higher resolution according to the available power. Thus, a significantly sharper picture with significantly more details can be expected on the PS4 Pro, regardless of whether the title is played on a 4K device or a full HD device.

The latest offshoot of the well-known football series from EA brings some innovations in the gameplay with it. The player control has been completely revised and a small innovation in the shooting mechanics lets you determine the exact moment at which the ball should be shot by pressing the shot button again. Most interesting, however, will probably be the dynamic tactics feature, whereby the tactics preset by the player can be changed in real time and adapted to current events. In addition, the story mode returns and this time lets you immerse yourself in the world of football as the new Real Madrid star.

Fifa as a PS4 Pro 4K game

FIFA is displayed at 60FPS on both the standard and the Pro version of the PS4. The PS4 Pro convinces with a higher resolution compared to the 1080p of the base model, as well as supersampling. The PS4Pro also delivers HDR for FIFA 19, provided you have a device that supports this feature.

12. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

In “A Thief’s End” one of the most famous and largest PS4 exclusive series is brought to its climax and the story of Nathan Drake, the adventurer, is brought to an end. Actually, Nathan has since renounced his dangerous job as a treasure hunter and lives in seclusion with his wife. One day, however, his brother, who was believed to be dead, bursts into his life again and together you go on a hunt for the greatest pirate treasure in history. You will learn a lot about Nate's early life and how he became the person you accompany through his adventures.

The gameplay and setting are very similar to that of Tomb Raider. We move through the levels in third person, surviving climbing games as well as shootouts and cracking one or two ancient puzzles.

What is the Pro version about?

While the frame rate on both the PS4 and the PS4Pro is 30FPS, the PS4Pro benefits from a significantly higher resolution. The single player campaign is displayed with native 1440p, while the PS4 only delivers 1080p. In multiplayer, the PS4 only manages 900p, while the PS4Pro gets this displayed with 1080p.

13. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

In the very near future, humanity will have reached the point where you can gradually upgrade your body through technical improvements. These improvements, also called “augmentations”, allow a person to see further, jump higher, and accomplish many more things, for example. But this divides people. There are those who welcome these augmentations and those who consider this path to be inhuman.

At the end of the last part, a group succeeded in infecting the software of the augmentation with a virus, causing those affected to go into a state of madness and run amok indiscriminately. This sets the course for “Mankind Divided” and mankind is finally divided into two camps, whereby the augmented are considered to be expelled. Civil wars and terrorism are becoming part of everyday life. As Adam Jensen, we stand between these camps and try to clean up the problems that corruption and intrigue have sparked.

What is the Pro version about?

On the PS4Pro, the future Prague, in which the title takes place, looks absolutely excellent. The resolution changes dynamically between 1800p and native 4K, with a frame rate of 30FPS being targeted. The shadow and lighting quality also benefit from the Pro version. The standard PS4 renders the game in 30FPS at 1080p.

As one of the first exclusive titles for the PS4, Infamous: Second Son tells the story of Delsin Rowe, a rebel who discovered the gift of taming smoke. He is thus a so-called “conduit”, which society dismisses and persecutes as bio-terrorists. They include a wide variety of talents, such as control over rocks or neon light.

With your new found gift you set off for the city of Seattle, which you can explore as an open world. With your strength, neither walls nor house walls stop you and you can move freely between or above the roofs of the city.
The city is gradually being supported by the D.U.P. (Department of Unified Protection), who have the task of "protecting" the world from the conduits.

Incidentally, whether you want to appear as a friend or enemy of people on your journey is up to you, which can change the story dialogues and various gameplay elements from the ground up.

What Makes Infamous a PS4 Pro Game?

The game received a patch for PS4Pro support and offers two different modes: The performance mode displays the title in 1080p at 60FPS, but at the same time increases the super-sampling, which makes the FullHD image even sharper looks like.

The graphics mode renders the picture up to 4K using checkerboard rendering, at 30 frames per second. HDR is supported in both PS4Pro modes. The basic version from 2014 runs at native 1080p with 30FPS.

15. Rise of the Tomb Raider

When Lara Croft is on the hunt for the origin of an old legend that has already ruined her father, she clashes with an ancient cult called Trinity. Like them, he is in search of the source of immortality that legend tells of. On the way you will roam through Siberian mountain forests and geothermal valleys, in which old graves and hidden passages are waiting to be explored.

In order to improve your equipment, you cannot avoid acting as a hunter and gatherer. There are many animals to kill, from harmless rabbits to big cats that are as interested in your skin as you are in theirs.

What's in the PS4 Pro version?

The PS4Pro offers you the choice of three different display modes:

  • The “4K-Resolution” mode renders the output via checkerboard rendering up to 4K, with a frame rate of 30FPS being targeted.
  • The “High Framerate” mode displays the game in the usual 1080p, although 60FPS are achieved on the Pro.
  • The “Enriched Visuals” mode stays at both 1080p and 30FPS, but some new effects are added and existing ones are refreshed, making the picture look much more vivid and detailed.

The basic variant is rendered in the usual 1080p at 30FPS.

16. Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

The story of Talion, the ranger, begins around the time Sauron rises and takes control of Mordor. He has to watch his family being killed, only to find death himself. But a ghost keeps him in the world of the living and offers Talion a chance for revenge. They join forces to take action against the army of Sauron and to avenge their families.

You can freely explore Mordor as an open world and meet some well-known faces from Tolkien's stories, while you gradually decimated the legions of orcs or pulled them to your side through spiritual powers.

The PS4 Pro version

On the PS4Pro you have two different rendering modes to choose from, the resolution mode and the quality mode. The former increases the resolution dynamically with a frame target of 30FPS, whereby most of the time a native 4K resolution is actually achieved.

The quality mode, on the other hand, remains at 1080p resolution, but increases the quality of many of the graphic effects. For example, the rendering distance is increased and the shadows and reflections look much better. The basic version of the PS4 renders the title in 1080p at 30FPS.

17. Middle Earth: Shadow of War

The second part of the series about Talion tells the story of its predecessor. Sauron now has Mordor under his control, but there seems to be hope. Celebrimbor, the spirit in Talion, once forged the one ring for Sauron. Now he has created a new ring of power in the hope of becoming equal to the dark ruler. Talion has no interest in power, but he too wants to stop Sauron, so he helps Celebrimbor in his fight. Together the two raise an army of orcs in the open world of Mordor to confront Sauron and save Middle-earth.

What are the special features of the PS4 Pro game?

Like its predecessor, “Shadow of War” also comes with two graphics modes for the PS4: The resolution mode displays the game in the best possible resolution at 30FPS. This resolution is dynamically adapted to the current scene, up to native 4K.

The quality mode also benefits from the dynamic resolution, but as in the predecessor it also increases various effect qualities. The average resolution in this mode is 1620p, which still results in an enormously sharper image compared to the 1080p of the basic version.

One of the oldest and most famous RPG series gets its latest offshoot with Final Fantasy XV. The story takes place in the open world of Eos, which is divided into different nations. While almost all of these nations are under the control of “Niflheim”, a nation that is primarily committed to technological progress, “Lucis” continues to exist as a free nation in which magic prevails. But under the pretense of a peace treaty, Niflheim invades Lucis and tries to bring it under his control.

As Crown Prince of Lucis you now oppose the powers of Niflheim and try to free your home again, while at the same time a plague threatens to shroud the world in darkness. In addition, a large number of side jobs are waiting for you, if you don't sink into the fishing feature for hours.

The PS4 Pro version

The game offers two graphics modes on the PS4Pro: The “High Image Quality” mode targets 30FPS and increases the resolution and delivers better shadow quality, better lighting and better additional anti-aliasing. The “stable mode” works with lower resolution and effects, but promises to keep the 30FPS continuously and to have better frame pacing.

The basic version of the PS4 runs on 1080p with mostly 30FPS.

In a distant, post-apocalyptic future, the lines between the Stone Age and the modern age are very blurred. What sounds strange at first glance, however, makes perfect sense: Humanity has not existed as usual for ages, but lives in tribes like in the Stone Age. You hunt with bows and spears to ensure your own survival. The world now belongs to the machines that were modeled on the once living animals and behave accordingly. There are simple herd animals, but also dangerous hunters.

As “Aloy” you only try to get to the bottom of the secrets of the past. Where do the machines come from and what happened? And above all: why are they becoming increasingly aggressive? In search of these answers you have to move through the open world of “Horizon: Zero Dawn” and since there hunter and hunted at the same time.

Differences PS4 Pro vs. Standard

The title runs on the standard PS4 with 30FPS with a FullHD resolution. The PS4Pro offers two rendering modes, both of which offer HDR support.

The 4K mode renders the game up to a 4k output using checkerboard rendering. For FullHD screens, this results in a much clearer picture via supersampling. In addition, the level of detail of the textures and the resolution of the shadows are improved. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a kind of figurehead and reference for all PS4 Pro games for a reason.

The performance mode dispenses with a few of the details to ensure an absolutely stable 30FPS output.

This part of the well-known Open World series by Ubisoft does not take us to any exotic areas, but rather simply to the USA, more precisely to Montana. This is where Joseph Seed, a self-proclaimed prophet, settled. Together with his siblings, he controls the region and uses brainwashing, but also violence if necessary, to bring people under his control. Any resistance is brutally beaten down.

You're a deputy whose job it is to arrest Joseph Seed. To do this, however, you have to pass his family first. In addition to the main quest, you can expect a lot of humorous and bizarre side missions that are just dripping with clichés. Be it the killing of buffalo with a monster truck or the crazy scientist whom you help to establish contact in space.

The PS4 Pro advantages

While the game on the PS4 runs at 1080p at a stable 30FPS, the PS4Pro offers a significantly higher resolution. The native 1620p is used for rendering, which is upscaled to 4K using checkerboard rendering.

21. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy