What helped you to realize your dreams

Making dreams come true: 45 surprising tips to help you do it.

You hear it all the time; You have to make your dreams come true, find your passion, live your calling.

The way that everyone is talking about it and that you are hearing it every now and then means that “making dreams come true” can now seem very stressful.

Because you will be reminded of it day in and day out. Hardly any Facebook, Instagram and all the old and new media show us non-stop.

You have more and more the feeling that all of their dreams are coming true, only you are still treading on the spot.

Even if it is not at all clear to you in this regard, you are trapped in a hamster wheel thinking that creates dissatisfaction.

Because you have the feeling that you are always chasing your dreams.

One thing is very important to you:

You have to realize that there is no one right way if you want to make your dreams come true.

Even if the internet and bookstores are full of ONE WAY to success, luckily, to make your dreams come true, there are an incredible number of paths you can take.

You can find a small selection of food for thought here!

Realizing Dreams - A list that will get you relaxed on your way.

Let's start with the three big chunks that keep you from dreaming. We start with your pear:

1. Allow yourself to dream.

You stop dreaming because at some point in your life you have been told that your dream is unrealistic.

And after hearing it often enough from others, of course you believed it too.

A dream that once felt so good and seemed so good to come true suddenly made you look stupid forever.

So you did the only thing that made sense: You started to cancel your dreams without replacement.

The good news: just because your dream is now boxed for safe keeping doesn't mean it no longer exists.

But how can you gently but definitely bring such a dream back to light?

You can ask yourself:

If money didn't matter and you couldn't fail at the same time, what would I do with my life?

You have probably heard this phrase many times. Hand on heart: have you ever really given yourself an answer to that?

Many readers (maybe you too) will shake their heads now. Many never answered this question.


  • Because they didn't allow themselves to dream big.
  • Not even allowed to dream small.
  • No longer allowed to dream at all.

The very-very-very-all-very-important tool that will help you achieve your dreams is to allow yourself.

It's best to create a ritual for yourself that you repeat daily. It's not about anything more specific about dreams or even setting goals for you.

This ritual is about making it clear to yourself over and over again that you are allowed to dream. Even if your reason forbids it.

You almost have to learn it all over again because it was worked off from the hamster wheel

2. Do not judge your dream.

There is no scale on which dreams are measured. In other words, one dream is no better or worse than another dream.

Your DREAM is your dream!

Thanks to the “faster-higher-further-nicer-more” thinking controlled by Facebook, your dream quickly appears small and insignificant.

In a time of extreme sports, overnight start-up millionaires and the constant self-marketing of yourself, you are quickly inclined to disregard your dream.

No matter how small your dream is, it is important.

If you've wanted to study the life and habitat of iguanas since you were eight, it probably doesn't seem sexy.

You probably won't get as many likes for it as if you were sitting in a cocktail bar on the Fiji Islands.

But it will probably fill your life more.

And above all, what is your consequence of not living your dream?

Just imagine what happens to the poor iguanas then 😉

There's a reason you have the dream that you have.

Your dream serves to help you create something meaningful for the world. Significant for you and for other people.

If you don't live your dream, the rest of us are missing out.

3. Exercise patience.

Dreams take time to unfold, especially if you've locked them away for a while.

Some people know their dream from an early age. For the rest of us, we need to stay open and curious about what our dream is.

Listen to your intution, your heart and your values ​​and trust that you already have the answers that you think you are looking for.

It may take some time for your dream to be revealed.

So the last tip is: be patient. It may take time to bring your dream to light, but it is worth the wait.

If you take the first three points to heart, that's half the battle.

For many people, the Gordian knot loosens when realizing their dreams with these three important points.

From then on it will be easier.

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And because, as I said, different people then need different options in order to realize their dreams, here is a small list of inspirations:

4. You can be sure

that it is an important dream when it comes to serving others in any way.

5. You are never too old

to live your dream.

6. Living your dream will allow you to be the best you can be

and to do your best because you can take full advantage of your natural gifts, passions and talents

7. Living your dream will give you energy and strength,

even if your dream calls for working harder than ever.

8. Dreams are never too big

even if they feel like that at first. You will grow into your dream!

9. Your dream is “YOUR” dream for good reason

Consequently, if you do not realize your dream, you are not living your purpose in life, the true meaning of life will be hidden from you and you will never reach your full potential.

10. Sometimes dreams have the effect

conjure up the pain of our past. Reason is because your dream is the downside of your greatest pain.

11. Living your dream will help you

to heal your wounds.

12. You already have all the talents and passions

all the knowledge and skills to make your dream come true.

13. Living your dream takes courage

You won't be able to live your dream if you don't overcome your fear of change or failure.

14. Living your dream will inspire many others

to live their dream. Isn't that just enough motivation and reason?

15. Dreams can and will change over time.

That's why you keep asking yourself: Am I still chasing the right dreams?

16. If you know your dream, you are in luck.

Then that's all the more reason to finally live this dream!

17. If you want to live your dream,

you may need to make changes in your life; some big, some small, but all worth it.

18. Living your dream can worry others

That is O.K., because it means that you have ignored your dreams for too long.

19. People will try to stop you

to live your dream. Live your dream anyway.

20. Encourage every child to

that you meet to discover your own dream and also to live it.

21. Be a dream maker.

Help other people achieve their dreams.

22. Always believe in your dream

and its realization

23. Some dreams don't make sense at first.

Stay tuned anyway, the meaning will soon open up to you.

24. Fight for your dream.

25. Put all the levers in motion

to make your dream come true.

26. Dreams have different origins

You can feel your dream in your stomach, your heart, your head, your soul. It doesn't matter where it's from, it's always right.

27. Some dreams come true overnight and others take a loooong time.

That's fine. The longer you wait, the more grateful you will be when your dream comes true!

28. Dream BIG !!

29. Dream every day.

30. Dream the impossible.

31. dreams for others,

who can't dream for themselves.

32.Dream about what it will be like

when you make your dream come true. Goose bumps?

33. Allow your dream to unfold at its own natural pace.

Don't overdo it to work on your dream. You don't want to be pushed.

34. Do one thing today

to make your dream come true

35. Do not be afraid of your dream

Dreams aren't scary, they're wonderful.

36. Don't be mad at your dream

He can ask a lot of you, more than you are sometimes willing to give. Do it anyway.

37. Trust

that your dream is a big building block for your meaning in life

38. Don't hide your dream

Dreams like to romp around, play and be in the company of other dreams.

39. Your dream wants you to be a little crazy every now and then.

In other words, dreams don't thrive if you play it safe.

40. Your dream wants you to know that it will come true

if you do your part. Then your dream will do its part too.

41. Never stop dreaming.

If you are someone who likes to dream and you also fulfill your dreams, more and more dreams will find their way to you.

42. The more you grow beyond yourself,

the bigger your dreams will be.

43. Living your dream can lead to

That you make more money than you ever dared to dream

44. Even if you don't earn more money,

is that OK. Because dreams are not about money.

45. Dream now, dream later, always dream.

To make your dreams come true you need patience and you need to know what you want. You have to be able to answer the question “Who am I”, then your dreams will come to you.