How do you say terrible in Mandarin

Just awful. Health risk ... - Mandarin

My Chinese wife and I were looking forward to an authentic Chinese meal because there is a special menu for Chinese guests in Chinese. The dishes listed there are mostly more expensive. Before my wife ordered this menu, she asked the waiter about it in Chinese; he said it was because of the special ingredients and preparation. Then we ordered all dishes from this Chinese menu. What we got was sobering and overpriced. By no means original dishes, but rather chaotic and listlessly cooked fillers. The soups tasted like 5 minute terrines. The ordered roasted lamb fillet with onions hit the bottom of the barrel - what came was soft-boiled, indefinable pieces of meat that swam in soy sauce, together with a few pieces of spring onion and bamboo strips as well as a few mu-er (black mushrooms). The meat could be beef, despite the pentrant soy taste, but definitely not lamb. Since my wife knows this dish from her home country, we asked the waitress and were informed that we had real lamb fillet in front of us, as is traditionally and professionally done in southern China. This seemed nonsensical to us, since virtually no sheep are kept in southern China, nor is lamb usually cooked or eaten. Rather, we assumed a mistake by the Obers in passing the number on to the kitchen. Although we shared our disappointment, the waitress remained stubborn, claiming we were wrong, and we were not offered to take the dish back. The other dishes also testified to the kitchens' keen calculation of how profit can be maximized with incorrect but filling ingredients. The food was some of the worst restaurant food for both of us in the past 15 years. It was by no means worth the 50 euros it cost - we mean a maximum of 20 euros. The two Chinese waitresses are callous towards polite criticism in their native language. After leaving the location, I developed circulatory disorders in both feet, tension headache and slight nausea. I suspect intolerance reactions to heavy use of flavor enhancers. Verdict: Never again, and not to be recommended to our fellow human beings either.