Why is my Amazon partner application rejected

Finding profitable affiliate programs - 9. Proper application to the affiliate program

The 9th part of the article series "Finding profitable affiliate programs" is about the right application for an affiliate program.

That may not sound so exciting, but it can be decisive, as you can of course also be rejected.

I will give you a few tips and also describe my own experiences that were not long ago.

Application to the affiliate program

After you have decided on one or more partner programs, you have to apply to them.

There is usually an application form for this purpose. This can be a bit more extensive, but usually only consists of a comment field and a checkbox so that you can accept the program conditions.

It is of course problem-free with partner programs or affiliate networks, such as Superclix, which offer immediate activation. You don't have to make a lot of effort and are activated immediately.

However, you should invest a little more energy in partner programs that check the affiliate before activation and only then activate or reject them.

Application tips

Here are a few tips for successfully applying to an affiliate program:

  • With affiliate networks you should keep the data of your own blog or website up to date. This is especially true for the number of visitors.
  • You should have a decent site that is also serious in its environment. Most companies want to see their brand image preserved and therefore value serious partners. Of course, serious also means something different depending on the topic.
  • In the application you should explain why you are applying and possibly link to the relevant subpage if, for example, the relevant topic cannot be identified on the homepage.
  • Nor should you apply with an empty blog or website. There must be good and relatively large amounts of content. Otherwise it can happen that the merchant rejects the application.
  • Before submitting your application, you should read the rules of the partner program carefully and possibly go into some of them again. This shows the merchant that you have really dealt with it.
  • The partner program should of course fit thematically and be of interest to the target group of your own blog. This is not only good for the conversion rate, but usually also convinces the merchants.

If you stick to these tips, the chances of acceptance into the affiliate program increase.

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Don't be put off

But even then it can be that you will be rejected for an affiliate program.

I only recently experienced this case myself. It was a partner program, which in my opinion goes very well with my blog.

So I applied to this affiliate program and got rejected.

But since there was no partner program that I could use as an alternative, I contacted the merchant directly by email.

In this mail I described the facts, gave my arguments why I could promote the affiliate program very well and asked about the reasons for the rejection.

The merchant's response was very nice and I was told that my key search terms would not match the affiliate program, according to a well-known professional online SEO tool.

They don't have that either. But I then explained to the merchant in an email that I cover many topics in my blog and not just the one that interests the merchant.

Then I added some of my top rankings in Google for search terms that match the affiliate program.

The merchant then checked the application again and then activated me.

What do we learn from it?
That even the examination of affiliates can be quite superficial. And if you are really convinced that an affiliate program fits your own site perfectly, then you should follow up and try to convince the merchant after all. But always stay nice and friendly. :-)


Applying to an affiliate program should be more than just a click. By writing an extra comment on your application and showing the merchant that you have dealt with the topic, you can collect plus points.

In addition, your own page should be very attractive and convince the merchant at first glance that it fits his partner program.

And if you have been rejected, it can be worthwhile to stay tuned.

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The article series “Finding Profitable Affiliate Programs” is almost complete. In the 10th and last part there is a summary and final words.

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